Accodex is a platform for freelance accountants. Formed through a merger in 2015, it set out to build an industry-leading platform to deliver workflow efficiency, training techniques and client success & support. Accodex Partners leverage the platform to deliver effective consulting services to their clients, small-medium businesses. Accodex Partners are based in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney and internationally in the USA and the UK

Location – Adelaide, Australia
Industry – Accounting, Professional Services
Website –

what they needed

What were you previously using?
Previously, Accodex used Workflow Max to manage internal projects. The software was designed for practice management and didn’t truly fit our use case. When Clear Business Dynamics (cloud technology consulting) merged with Accodex, we identified the need for a more robust solution. At Clear Business Dynamics, the team used Podio to manage projects however, that solution wouldn’t meet our scalability requirements. We chose Salesforce and Mission Control as our new platform.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Our previous system didn’t allow us to have an overview of all current projects in a simple interface. Further, we weren’t able to segregate data and as such, each user could see everything. Finally, we weren’t able to customise the solution to meet our unique workflow style and had to change the way we worked to fit with the software.

What options did you consider?
We considered options like Teamwork PM before we decided to go with Salesforce. Once we moved to Salesforce, we had a look on the AppExchange but nothing we found really worked for us. We were very close to building our own project management solution but luckily we found Mission Control first.

how we helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
Mission Control has allowed us to create an outcome-driven, project-focused culture. It has also enabled us to better implement Kanban-style agile development. We have also been able to alter this methodology to apply to projects beyond development, all facilitated by Mission Control. The Gantt Chart has allowed us to map our product roadmap and action Chatter feeds have enabled greater collaboration.

What do you have planned going forward?
Our plans for the company are simple, we intend to grow Accodex to 1,000 Partners worldwide by 2022. To achieve this level of scale, we need a solution that can keep up. Salesforce is undoubtedly the answer and Mission Control is the key piece of that puzzle to enable our partners and internal staff to keep our projects and our workflow moving.

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