Paladina health

Paladina Health offers a unique approach to Direct Primary Care.

Location – Denver, CO United States
Industry – Health Care

what they needed

What were you previously using?
We had no formal systems in place. The team were sporadically using various MS Excel templates.

Prior to using Mission Control we were suffering from a lack of transparency and accountability across the team. We were unable to identify the progress and current position of our projects. We were also severely lacking a formal change management process.

What options did you consider?

how we helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
With Mission Control, we’ve got so much transparency. The entire team has the ability to view the current position across all projects. Accountability is now clear as well, the team has fully embraced the system, which provides visibility into who is responsible for what.

We’ve been able to build out a formal change management process using Mission Control and it provides an easy to follow audit trail, as well as being great to map out the check lists for the team.

Any Plans?
We will continue to improve our change management process, formalise our project management and expect to expand our usage of Mission Control as it continues to support our business growth.

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