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Location – California, United States
Industry – Software
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what they needed

What were you previously using?
We were using several different solutions including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Harvest, Basecamp, JIRA and Xero.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Managing a ‘hodgepodge’ of systems hindered our Customer Success Managers’ ability to deliver on our promise of ‘Fastest Time To Value’ to our clients. Having to consistently switch between different systems was inefficient and wasted valuable time. The challenge for us was being able to get all the information we needed into the one place, to have a 360° view of how a project is tracking.

What options did you consider?
We reviewed many different solutions to make sure we found the best fit for our business, including Cloud Coach, Milestones PM, Inspire Planner, Asana, and Airtable.

how we helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
First and foremost, we now deliver a superior experience for our customers when it comes to implementing Sales Commission Software projects. Mission Control has allowed us to become vastly more efficient and the ability to provide in-depth reporting on a project’s progress to stakeholders at all levels.

What do you have planned going forward?
We will be looking to leverage and share the insight Mission Control provides our team directly to our customers.

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