Extending the value of Salesforce1 min read

Salesforce is the leading ‘Software as a Service’ CRM system. It has experienced rapid growth in the last decade, now boasting well over 92,000 customers worldwide. What’s been the reason for this growth?

Focus. Salesforce has remained focused on their core objective of delivering a ‘best of breed’ CRM system. It has stayed true to its purpose. It has focused on constantly improving this service. It has remained focused on becoming and remaining the number 1 provider of Cloud Computing.

Whilst remaining focused on delivering the core product, Salesforce also had the insight to see its customers were going to want more from the system, need more from the system. Through Force.com and the AppExchange, Salesforce has been able to connect its customers with third-party ‘value-adding’ applications that compliment Salesforce.com.

There are now over 1,100 applications available on the AppExchange for Salesforce customers to draw upon to enrich their CRM system.

Soon, there will be one more!

Aprika Business Solutions currently has an application in development that will be launching on the AppExchange later this year. It will be a utility tool that enables the distribution of key business intelligence to members of your business that do not have a Salesforce licence. This application will enable your staff to stay current with the KPIs of the business. It will give them clarity on progress towards the achievement of business objectives. It will give them focus!

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