Handy Hints – Salesforce Admin1 min read

We thought you might find the following ‘Handy Hint’s of interest, we’ll aim to add a few more hints every few weeks. Enjoy…

Sending Email Templates via Workflow

We have found many of our clients want to use a workflow rule on a Custom Object to send an email template to a related Contact. Here’s a quick solution that lets you do this, without having to maintain the Contact’s email address directly on the Custom Object record:

  • Create a Formula Field on the Custom Object
    • Name: Contact Email Formula
    • Formula: Contact_Name__r.Email
  • Create an Email Field on the Custom Object
    • Name: Contact Email
    • Type: Email Field
  • Create a Workflow Rule on the Custom Object
    • Evaluation Criteria: Every time a record is created or edited
    • Rule Criteria: Contact_Email_Formula__c <> Contact_Email__c
    • Task Field Update
      • Formula Value: Contact_Email_Formula__c

Are your API versions current?

We recommend you check the API version you’re using on your Triggers. We’ve come across a few old triggers within our Clients’ systems lately where the API Version was too old and causing problems. If you are concerned about this issue within your organisation’s instance, please feel free to contact us.

If you have a question you would like to see us answer in the ‘Handy Hints’ section of the next newsletter, please feel free to contact us