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Mercury SMS has all the functionality you’ll need to be able to communicate with your clients vis SMS directly within your Salesforce CRM system.

You can use Mercury SMS to send text messages from Salesforce to an individual, a group of Leads, Contacts, Campaign Members, or even send an SMS via a Workflow Rule.

Mercury SMS supports sending SMS from Salesforce for any Standard or Custom Object that contains a Phone field.

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Outbound SMS

Send SMS messages to your prospects and customers from within Keep track of all your messages in your activity history.

Inbound SMS

Let your prospects and customers contact you via SMS and MMS. The details of all messages will be logged directly in Salesforce as part of your activity history.

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SMS Templates

Build your library of SMS templates to use throughout your solutions. Templates can include merge fields and sent automatically via Workflow Rules.

Bulk Messaging

Deliver a bulk SMS to a list view or campaign members. Use merge fields to personalize the communication to each recipient.

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SMS Keywords

Automatically create or update records when inbound SMS matches a keyword. You can create leads, cases, campaign members or carry out field updates.

Message Feed

Communicate with your prospects and customers in ‘real time’ via the message feed as if you were texting on your mobile device.

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SMS Inbox

Keep on top of all your inbound messages via the SMS inbox. See them appear in real time and click through to the records to respond.

Opt-Out Management

Recipients can reply STOP at any time to automatically opt out of receiving future messages. Keep your mailing list up to date with no internal admin effort.

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