Meet Zach Alison, Mission Control’s new Professional Services Manager.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the level of support we deliver to our customers and to help us further elevate your Mission Control customer experience we’ve added a new team member, Zach Alison, who heads up our Professional Services Department.

Zach, amongst a team of people in our support function, has one primary mission – to ensure your smooth onboarding, initial adoption and ongoing success within Mission Control.

Zach will also be integral in customer enablement, which will include running workshops to increase your understanding of and feature utilization within Mission Control. Additionally, he’ll be developing a raft of solution architecture and knowledge documentation which will further allow you to improve your confidence and knowledge of the tool, in-step with our highly rated support team.


“I’ve worked in the Salesforce eco-system for nearly a decade with exposure across education, travel and tourism. Combining this with my experience of Mission Control as both a user and a consultant, has enabled me to experience the product through the customer’s eyes, which I’m confident will allow me to raise the bar on customer success for Mission Control”

Importance of a good onboarding experience
The ability for your staff to understand and embrace a new tool, be it project, finance or an HR platform is a critical change management exercise, if done right the benefits you can expect include:

  • Tool adoption and confidence
  • Broader functionality usage
  • Keeping abreast of upgrades and changes
  • Advocating the platform to new or other staff
  • Increased employee satisfaction and efficiency
  • Return on Platform Investment

We hear from customers again and again that not only is Mission Control’s pain-free implementation a massive advantage, but the support they receive at onboarding throughout their journey is what really drives utilization and satisfaction. So, with the addition of Zach’s experience to the team, we’re looking forward to accelerating customer success even further.

If you’re organization has any implementation, configuration or training assistance please reach out to Zach and the team on Regardless I’m sure you’ll be hearing from him soon.

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