What’s New Mission Control – v.1.58


We’ve got some amazing new Mission Control features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release! Our latest version 1.58 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange last Saturday 12 June and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.

To enable customers to track changes in Billable and Cost Rates across different periods, a new Object has been added to Mission Control called ‘Rate Adjustment’. This can be used to manage a more granular level of financial tracking by creating different Rate Adjustments.
The Rate Adjustment feature allows you to create a set of rates (e.g. Billable and Cost Rates) for a specified time and includes various rate adjustment types including project, role and skill based.
Budget Items allow you to breakdown and track the Project Budget at a granular level across multiple budget line items. For example, if you have a Project that is developing a new software application you may choose to break your budget into three areas:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Launch

Whilst you have an overall ‘Project Budget’ field on the Project, the Budget Items will allow you to track the budget allocation and performance for each of these individual areas of the Project.

The Project Status Report design has had a major overhaul. It now comprises the following sections:

  • Cover Page (see below)
  • Project Summary
  • Gantt Chart (Optional)
  • Project Detail
  • Time Log Appendix (Optional)
  • Issue Log Appendix (Optional)
  • Risk Log Appendix (Optional)
  • Change Request Appendix (Optional)
  • Back Page

Below is an example of the Cover Page with the Hero Image overridden with a custom image…

The ‘Read-Only’ page allows you to provide your customers with a unique link that can be used to access a read-only, real-time view of the Project. The page can be configured on a per-Project basis to include Tabs like overview, Gantt Chart, Kanban, Time Logs and many others.

This is just a taster of all the awesome new capabilities and improvements to our Mission Control project management software. You can find the FULL release notes and detailed webinar about our brand new Version 1.58 here.To find out more about our Salesforce project management and PSA Solution, enquire now for a free trial.

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