How Salesforce Time Tracking Boosts Productivity4 min read

How Salesforce Time Tracking Boosts Productivity4 min read
4 min read
Salesforce time tracking with Mission Control Timesheet

Have you ever felt that your projects are taking more time than they should? Or projects are using up non-billable hours in unnecessary admin? Are you spending way too much time wrangling complex spreadsheets rather than concentrating on your business?

With Salesforce timesheets in Mission Control, you can easily manage the time you and your colleagues spend on tasks and projects. With the data you gain from more accurate time tracking, you can streamline projects and tasks so they’re more cost-effective and efficient, with less wasted time as everyone is aware of each other’s availability.

Top reasons to use time tracking in Salesforce

If you’re a business owner managing multiple projects and resources, you understand that your time needs to be billable. But how much time do you and your colleagues waste on administration, or on unprofitable projects?

Unless you can track your time on tasks and projects accurately, you won’t be able to answer that question, which means you’re at a disadvantage when you’re bidding for your next project.

With Salesforce timesheets in Mission Control, you can turn time spent into money earned. On your Kanban board, each task owner can log time against any action they’re working on, and the board updates in real time.

Check your project’s health

With more accurate time tracking, you can see quickly if a task is taking more time than you’d scheduled, or that you’re on track to deliver on time and to budget. As each employee logs time spent on tasks, you can see easily where your colleagues are spending their time, and if the resource is the best fit for the task. Real-time updates mean you see quickly when an employee is struggling and you need to intervene to keep your project on track.

Analyse profitability

Once you build a database of projects, tasks and time spent on each task, you can see which projects are more profitable so you can identify your ideal clients.

Improve your quoting and estimating process

Once you start gathering data on time spent on different types of tasks, you’ll be able to estimate and quote more accurately for better profitability and time management.

Improve team morale and productivity

With your helicopter view of tasks and resources, you’ll see when an employee is spending more time on a task than you’d scheduled. Rather than add to employee stress, you can step in with help (or reassign that task before your budget blows out or you run into problems meeting your milestone).

Simplify invoicing of billable hours

With time-tracking software in Salesforce, you can see hours scheduled, completed and remaining for each task, with hours broken down into billable, non-billable and overtime.

Features in Mission Control Salesforce timesheets

How efficiently does your business run? If you feel you’re spending more time dumping information from system to system than finding your ideal clients, take a look at a few of the features and think about which ones could give you back your time. The Timesheet shows all of the actions assigned to a member of the team for a particular week. They’re able to log their billable, non-billable and overtime hours as well as recording notes and completion percentage rates.

Time logger

This feature lets you filter down to an action on a project to log time historically – or start/stop tracking time in real time.

Worker hours profiles

You can see at a glance timesheets for each worker profile per week.


This feature makes it easier than ever to see the status of each task or action.


When you want a quick overview, you can dig deeper into tasks and timesheets to see a summary of what’s been completed during logged hours.

User permissions

Make it easy for your employees and colleagues to log their own hours per task by setting up and assigning user permissions. It’s simple to do and you won’t be logging hours historically, meaning you’ll get more accurate time capture.

Salesforce1 mobile app

With this cloud-based app, any employee or colleague can log time directly from the Salesforce1 mobile app, no matter when or where they’re working.

The ultimate benefit of Salesforce timesheets in Mission Control is they enable you to analyse the true costs of your projects, which means more transparency, better reporting and more accurate quoting.

Are you ready to take on the competition?

Can Salesforce time tracking boost productivity?

We’re here to help you get the most from your business. View our helpful video or get in touch to discuss how Mission Control may be able to help you to track time and manage projects in Salesforce.