What’s New: Mercury SMS V1.92 min read

We’re very excited to be able to announce the latest version of Mercury SMS is now available on the AppExchange. Version 1.9 of Mercury SMS sees a number of amazing features being added, including:

  • Inbound Keyword Actions
  • Thread Matching
  • Outbound Cloaking
  • Real-time Message ‘Feed’
  • Lightning Experience Ready
  • Cirrus Insight Inbox App
  • Sending to Opportunities & Campaign Members

It’s hard to pick which feature we’re most excited about and whilst the Inbound Keyword Actions is a great addition, the one that’s got everyone rocking out here at Aprika is the real-time SMS Feed. It literally lets you have a real-time text message conversation with your Lead / Contact directly in Salesforce. Here’s a quick peek:














The SMS Feed can be embedded on to the Page Layout for a Lead, Contact, Person Account or Case. It can also be accessed in a pop out window. What’s even more cool is that it can be included in Lightning Experience now that you’re able to create your own Record Detail Pages using the Lightning App Builder.

Mercury SMS Release Notes Version 1.9

Whilst we’re loving the feedback on the SMS Feed, we’re getting equally awesome feedback on the Keyword Actions. You can read more in the release notes, but at a high level, the keyword actions let you configure keyword phrases within Mercury SMS and when you receive a new inbound SMS with the keyword at the start of the message, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Create a new Lead
  • Add a Lead / Contact as a Campaign Member
  • Create a new Case – that’s SMS 2 Case, how cool is that!

To find out more about all of the new features, check out the release notes and What’s New Webinar, both are available in the Mercury SMS Release Notes section of our website.