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Benefits by industry

Benefits by industry

We understand that different industries have different project management requirements. So we’ve designed Mission Control to support each and every one. Our online project management software won’t dictate to you how a project should be run. It’s built in a way that supports different project methodologies, so you can run your project your way.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control

Construction & Manufacturing industry:

The construction and manufacturing industries are typically more traditional in their approach to project management. The waterfall methodology is widely used for its clear pathway to the end goal (completed build / product) and key stages along the way.

How Mission Control can help:

Just as you need the right tools for a build, project management is no different. From design and pre-construction through to procurement and construction phases, Mission Control offers the best construction project management software to streamline your project. Scheduling is critical to the success of construction and manufacturing projects, being able to effectively allocate materials, budget and resources at the right time. The Gantt chart provides clear visibility, to all, of the project timeline. With the critical path and dependencies clearly accessible, the full implications of any delays can be identified easily…and the project plan instantly updated.

Mission Control doesn’t just cover the in-house team but also sub-contractors allowing you to assign tasks, time and budget to those outside of the organization. It also allows for clear project financial management with tracking of purchase orders, expenses and invoices. With all the project information housed within Mission Control, benefit from seeing the complete and full picture of how your project is tracking at any time.

Creative & Marketing industry:

In the world of creative and marketing services, it’s essential you are able to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of clients. Whether you’re delivering a campaign from start to finish, undertaking a brand refresh or launching a website, having clear processes in place is essential to how efficiently it is delivered and ultimately how profitable the project is for the business.

How Mission Control can help:

Whilst the work in these industries may be creative in nature, the processes underpinning them should be consistent and methodical. A creative and marketing project management software system, like Mission Control, allows you to automate these processes. Not only does this safeguard against projects running over time and budget but also means the organization holds the IP, not individual team members. In addition, it supports the quick onboarding of new team members when they join the team. With time being the commodity, simply track all teams’ hours with project management timesheets. This then provides project budget tracking with visibility into billable vs. non-billable hours, allowing changes to be made where needed.

The PMO dashboard shows overall project performance against key metrics – providing valuable insights into which projects are more profitable and which ones have a tendency to blow out…and more importantly why. This valuable data can help inform future quotes, saving scoping time when a new project arises.

Within Mission Control, there are a range of tools and features that remove many of the administrative tasks from resource, allowing them to focus on delivering client work.

IT & Software Development industry:

The agile project management methodology is synonymous with the IT & software development industries. This flexible approach accommodates a changing landscape and constant feedback. In order to deliver innovation, an IT or software project must be supported through its evolution, built to support changes, collaboration and a fluctuating pace of project delivery.

How Mission Control can help:

Projects in this space can be ever-evolving. As software developers ourselves, we believe Mission Control is the best project management software for software development! With Mission Control, the first port of call to planning and tracking a project’s progression is with its Roadmap Management feature. Using the Program Planner and Project Builder, you can build a long-term roadmap of requirements & user stories whilst tracking feature requests as they arise.

Story Mapping is an invaluable tool to allow the prioritization of user stories. When action is called for there are a range of tools to support delivery including the all-important Kanban Whiteboard. When it comes to a sprint phase, simply assign resources, timelines and actions to get everyone focused and delivering where they need to be. Then track time and progress. Mission Control also supports a project’s testing phases allowing you to track the testing scenarios for user story acceptance testing. When it comes to testing scenarios, you can build out Checklist Items to cross reference if the User Story has been developed successfully. The Issue Log allows your project team to record, track and resolve issues as they arise.

There’s a wealth of online project management tools within Mission Control to support the ongoing development of software and IT projects. In fact, we use them daily at Mission Control, to continue to evolve our software offering.

Professional Services industry:

By nature, professional services is a project-based industry. Whether part of a Professional Services agency or a consulting department within a larger organization, the focus remains the same: Delivering a project on time, on budget whilst remaining profitable and viable to the wider business.

How Mission Control can help:

Resourcing a Professional Services project effectively is critical to its success. Mission Control’s Resource Assignment Wizard and Scheduler allow you to get it right from the start, by identifying where there’s capacity and then scheduling it smartly. With real-time insight into bandwidth, coordinate the right resource at the right time. Once a project is under way, the Resource Utilisation report will provide valuable team resource management insights into who is working well (scheduled vs. completed hours) and who might need upskilling in certain areas. It also provides project financial management tracking with a breakdown of billable vs. non billable hours for resource efficiencies.

Stakeholder management is another critical component in Professional Services project management. Knowing what information to communicate and when, can make all the difference to wider perceptions and everyone’s project experience. With Mission Control all the information is easily accessible for you to be proactive with internal and external stakeholder comms. The PMO dashboard features a Revenue Recognition tool showing full P&L visibility for scheduled, actual and forecast efforts.

Mission Control also supports billing events and automated (or manual) invoice management. So whatever the Professional Service, allow Mission Control’s professional services project management software to provide a seamless project experience to all involved.

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