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About our Project Management Software

We’re a team of experienced Project Managers and Salesforce Developers passionate about enabling better project management for Salesforce users around the world. We’ve developed Mission Control as an online project management software that works across a range of roles and industries & packed with project management tools.

Our suite of salesforce project management tools exist to support more efficient project delivery across the board. Mission Control has now been in the market for over 10 years and we’re proud of how it is continually evolving to meet market needs and exceed customer expectations.

Check out some of our key milestones so far:

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control


The team

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Team

Colin Johnson

Colin’s passion for exceptional project management led him to start a business to enable it, alongside his good friend Chris. Together, they shared a drive to develop and evolve industry leading software. Cue Aprika. Having worked extensively as a Business Analyst and Project Manager and with the Salesforce CRM and platform, Colin appreciates how seamless project delivery can make all the difference to an organization’s bigger picture. He excels at taking client briefs, understanding business requirements and coming up with strategic, fit-for-purpose solutions. Colin leads the Aprika team in managing Mission Control’s roadmap and for this reason loves the ‘Program Planner’ and ‘Story Board’ feature. If not hitting the surf, Colin will be found hitting the slopes on his snowboard and spending time with his family.
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Team

Chris Woolcott

Having worked as a dedicated Developer for more than 15 years and having delivered a diverse range of Salesforce projects globally, Chris has had a front seat in its evolution. It seemed only natural to team his technical expertise with Colin’s business acumen to start Aprika and to bring innovative third party integration to the industry. At Aprika, Chris oversees the development team and the delivery of product releases, maintenance and application security. He uses Mission Control’s ‘Project Builder’ every day because ‘it’s great for building out Project Requirements on the fly’ and can be used to drive an entire project. Screen time doesn’t stop with the job, Chris is a keen gamer. He also loves surfing (when time allows) and running (fast) when not!
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Team

Toni Johnson

Toni is responsible for a number of disciplines at Aprika; from finance and human resources to operational matters and strategic support to the board. Toni has valuable experience in supporting teams across a range of different sized businesses and brings the Aprika team together through considered coaching and mentoring. Requiring a financial business overview, Toni values the Project Invoicing tool to generate invoices, record payments and to provide full financial visibility across a project. Toni leads a busy family life and enjoys the flexibility Aprika provides. When not supporting the Aprika team, Toni enjoys beach walks, skiing and horse riding with her three children.

Jaret Manuel

Sales & Alliances Director
With nearing 20 years of experience, Jaret is no stranger to the Salesforce ecosystem. In 2006, Jaret was an Account Executive at the “Mothership” via the Toronto office, and he was a 2007 Salesforce Volunteer award recipient mainly thanks to his many volunteer hours helping Special Olympics Canada streamline their data and raising funds during the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leaf’s home games. In 2012, Jaret responded to a YCombinator Hacker News FormAssembly job post that led to him joining the company as the 1st sales and remote hire. He helped FormAssembly drive revenue, recruit numerous talent, and was involved heavily in operations. During his tenure, FormAssembly grew from $500K to $11.5M ARR (bootstrapped to $10M) and headcount scaled from a handful to over 100 people. While there, Jaret earned a seat with the inaugural executive leadership team. Outside of work, Jaret enjoys investing time with his family, and he enjoys running (he’s completed 4 half-marathons, and 1 full marathon), playing hockey, tennis, and he’s an avid reader. We’re delighted to have Jaret join the Mission Control crew!
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Team

Trevor Doornbos

Sales Director
With more than 20 years’ experience in solution consulting, professional services and SaaS PSA, Trevor understands all too well the importance of creating a product or service that addresses a genuine market need. As Sales Director, Trevor leads the charge on introducing organizations to software solutions that will positively change the way they work forever. For Trevor, the best thing about Mission Control is the positive feedback from customers around the value it adds and the time is saves their business. When not at work, Trevor can be found paddling his surf ski on the Sydney waterways, volunteering at his daughters’ netball club and spending time with his wife and two daughters.
Salesforce Project Management Software - Team

Justin Reyes

Salesforce Developer
A new addition to the development team, Justin is an adept Salesforce developer, with extensive experience developing solutions for healthcare. Justin thrives on creating solutions that eliminate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and enhance a user’s overall experience. Justin’s favorite Mission Control feature is The Whiteboard – it provides a solid reference for the work that’s queued and a quick snap shot of the work in progress. When Justin’s not stationed in front of his computer, you can find him watching the White Sox with his daughter, exploring the neighborhood with his dachshund, or gardening with his wife.
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Team

Lexi Brunt

Customer Success Rep
Lexi is at the forefront of Aprika’s customer education, ensuring all customers are using Mission Control to the best of its abilities and in line with their needs. From providing customer support to developing knowledge resource tools, Lexi is a first-class communicator who enjoys empowering customers to understand and benefit from all of Mission Control’s features. The Resource Assignment Wizard is Lexi’s favorite feature for the insight it gives into each role’s skills, availability and workload – a secret superpower for building an effective and productive team. Outside of Aprika, Lexi can be found creating content for her podcast, travelling and immersing herself in anything to do with the arts.
Salesforce Project Management Software Team

Veera Koyya

QA Tester
Veera, an expert in software testing across a range of platforms, uses her expertise to ensure that the features being worked in Mission Control are meeting the business requirements and delivering the user experience. Veera loves new technologies, especially those that provide convenience and comfort to everyone’s lives. She also has an innate curiosity and incredible patience to test the limits of the new technologies being developed. Veera likes the Checklist Board and the benefits it brings to the users. While not busy looking for where, when, and how the code breaks, Veera enjoys listening to music and spending time with her family.

Victor Pedroni

Professional Services Manager
Victor Pedroni is the Professional Service Manager for Mission Control. With his time in the Marines, a strong discipline and drive were developed and instilled in everything he does. Much like a machine, or the tools and features offered with Mission Control. Business can very much seem like a warzone. Sometimes the craziness doesn’t stop so you’ll want someone skilled by your side. With the help of Victor and Mission control, the two will help streamline your business and get you through the chaos. You will find comfort knowing you’re working with a team that believes in strong communication, attention to detail, thorough planning and testing from end to end. Outside of Aprika, you’ll find Victor on two wheels. Cruising the long roads and chasing sunsets.

Omer Bin Waseem

Customer Success Representative
Omer is a part of the Customer Success Team at Aprika where he focuses on being the first line of support for customers. With a strong background in IT and Customer Service, Omer combines his troubleshooting skills to help identify and resolve customer queries. Omer is all about ensuring customers understand the potential of Mission Control and are able to implement it in their Salesforce orgs. Omer really appreciates the interactive Gantt chart in Mission Control as it helps visualise the project timeline making it easier to keep track of projects. When not at work, you can find Omer playing video games or improving his cybersecurity skills.

Seth Roller

Seth Roller is a Developer at Aprika. He’s been working with the Salesforce platform for about 2.5 years now. Before Aprika he worked in the insurance industry for 2 years working with the .NET framework building out processing programs for Payroll, check processing, workers compensation benefits, and quotes for homeowners insurance. After working with the insurance industry he worked for a consulting agency for a little over 2 years that placed him on a U.S. Treasury contract that helped put out applications / process them for the American Rescue Plan (ARP) of 2021. Seth loves the Salesforce platform for its inherent ability to be fully customizable and to modify things as you please. Outside of coding he’s an avid reader, mountain biker, fisherman, skier, and hiker. Basically most things outdoors he love’s to do. He also volunteers on a weekly basis for the Big Brother Big Sister program, where he spends 3-4 hours each week with a teenager exposing him to different activities and just hanging out with him.

Pradnya Sharma

Customer Success Representative
Pradnya, a Customer Success Representative with experience working on Salesforce, has been acting as a trusted advisor to her Customers and ensured their success. She enjoys collaborating with different Stakeholders, to help Customers grow and achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with the business. With Salesforce, she brings years of customer service, account management and project management experience too. Pradnya likes the Whiteboard function in Mission Control, as it gives a quick overview of the status of different projects at one page. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, travelling and playing sudoku.

Jenniah Lor

Customer Success Representative
Being a part of the Customer Success Team, Jenniah supports customers to best utilize Mission Control through all its features and benefits. With a strong background in customer service and project management, she is passionate to teach and engage users to tackle any issues that may arise and strengthen customer knowledge through Mission Control’s Knowledge Base, webinars, or one on one meetings. With the ability to work remotely, it’s great to put a name and face to the people behind the software and projects. Out of the many resourceful features, Jenniah appreciates the PMO Dashboard that provides high level insight on a project’s performance over its projected schedule and budget. It’s helpful to compare previous project outcomes through CPI and SPI that indicates where the focus needs to be directed. Outside of the Salesforce ecosystem, you can find Jenniah listening to podcasts, audible books, singing at church, long walks, traveling, and simply spending time with family and friends.

Ike Emedosi

Solution Engineer
Ike Emedosi has previously worked with Salesforce as a Solution’s Engineer for 2 years and has been working in sales and customer service roles for even longer. As our new Account Executive, he’s adamant about one thing, delivering the best experience possible to our customers. He’s focused on growing in the project management space maintaining Aprika’s standard of excellence. When he’s not on calls or supporting clients via LiveChat, Ike is gaming with friends, catching up on the latest anime, or even barbering (self-taught). As an engineer at heart, Ike’s favorite motto is “there’s always a way, we just need to find it.”

Chad Kimerer

Account Executive
Chad is an Account Executive and an integral part of Aprika’s sales team, he strives to understand potential customer needs, and business requirements while exploring how Mission Control PSA system can help companies increase efficiency, resource management and business process productivity. Chad has extensive experience in sales and truly enjoys helping clients solve real business problems by leveraging technology. His passion for business automation is also one of his favorite things about Mission Control… “we are truly helping companies innovate, grow and prosper by giving them the tools, support and flexibility to exceed their own expectations”. Outside of work Chad enjoys spending time with his family, living an active lifestyle, the outdoors, kitesurfing and the Green Bay Packers.

12,000+ users and New Features

This month we passed 12,000 global users and also added some great new features including Rate Card Financials, Project Phases and Resource Forecasting.

Jan 2023


10,000 users

We recently passed 10,000+ global users and also launched our new Total Economic Impact Study which shows our customers receiving an average 6156% ROI on their Mission Control investment.

May 2022


New Features

This month we released a bunch of game changing new features to Mission Control including Resource Forecasting, Checklist Kanban Board and Billing Event Generator to name a few.

February 2022


8,000 users

Mission Control passed 8,000+ Global Users, doubling from 18 months ago. We also welcomed new staff in professional services and QA testing.

October 2021


New Features

In the past few months, we’ve onboarded some exciting new features including Holiday Allowance, Retrospective Boards, Rate Adjustments, some funky new report designs and an array of updates and enhancements.

September 2021


6,000 users

Mission Control passed 6,000+ Global Users, doubling from less than 24 months ago. We’ve also passed 80 Global Partners.

April 2021


New Features

Meeting Manager, our team collaboration and discussion tool and Story Board, our Kanban interface to manage User Stories, released this month.

August 2020


Highest users to date

Mission Control reaches 4,000+ Global Users, up over 1,000 Users from the same time last year.

January 2020


New Feature

Project Status Report - an automatically generated risk, time, issue and overview report that can be emailed to Project Stakeholders on a weekly basis - launches this month.

December 2019


New Feature

Opportunity Auto-Generation of Projects - a feature that automatically generates a Project Plan (Project, Milestones, Actions, Checklist Items, Contributors and Dependencies) from an Opportunity - released this month.

June 2019


Highest users to date

Mission Control passed 3,000+ Users globally and Kosmo the Koala joined the team!

January 2019


New feature

Revenue Recognition - which provides you with insight into how your financials are spread across the duration of your project - was launched this month.

December 2018


New feature

Product Roadmap Toolkit launched (including Program Planner, Requirements, User Stories, Issues & Project Builder)

October 2018


New feature

The ‘Role Utilisation Report’ - which enables you take into account Time Logs and Holidays, so you’re able to get a full picture of the utilisation for each Role - was launched this month.

April 2018


New user milestone

Mission Control surpasses 2,000+ Global Users, doubling from 2 years ago

January 2018


Long awaited Feature

360 Degree View Project Overview - a feature that pulls everything onto one page to make it quick and easy to see how your project is performing - is launched this month

May 2017

Melbourne - Australia

New Billing Feature

Billing Management - a feature that allows you to automatically record invoices, credits and payments - is launched this month.

August 2016

Melbourne - Australia

USA Office

Aprika establishes new US Offices allowing us to better service our growing US client base.

July 2016

Portland - USA

Multi Currency

Multi Currency - a feature that allows Aprika to support global clients that use the SFDC ‘Multi Currency’ functionality - is launched this month.

April 2016

Melbourne - Australia

Highest users to date

Mission Control chalks up it’s first 1,000 Users Globally! Clients of a variety of sizes and from a variety of countries.

January 2016

Melbourne - Australia

Lightning Ready

Mission Control becomes Lightning Ready! This means that Mission Control was made compatible with Salesforce’s Lightning Experience (LEX) user interface.

November 2015

Melbourne - Australia

New Dashboard

The PMO Dashboard - which provides you with the ability to establish a variety of key performance indicators relating to your projects - is launched this month.

September 2015

Melbourne - Australia

New Financial Feature

Full P&L Tracking - a feature that tracks all your financials, including revenue, staff costs and expenses - launched this month

August 2015

Melbourne - Australia

Partner Program

We introduced the Partner Program, allowing other Salesforce consultants to offer our software as a solution to their clients.

January 2015

Melbourne - Australia

New Resource Features

Resource Holidays, Skills & Teams - Holidays allow you to record annual leave, public holidays and other unavailable time for individual Roles or entire Teams - is launched this month.

September 2014

Melbourne - Australia

More Features

We worked hard this year to release two more features, the Interactive Gantt Chart & Resource Scheduler

February 2014

Melbourne - Australia

Time Management Feature

Timesheet - a new feature that allows Users to view all of their Actions that are due within a given week - is released this month.

October 2013

Melbourne - Australia

Launched to the world

Mission Control's salesforce project management app launched publicly on the AppExchange

July 2012

Melbourne - Australia

We have lift off!

We developed our own project management tool, to initially help manage our own projects!

July 2011

Melbourne - Australia

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