Established in 2010, Aprika began life providing consultancy services and helping businesses implement their instance of Salesforce. Our ability to help clients realize the full potential of Salesforce saw us quickly become the primary Salesforce Partner in the SMB and MM space.

With our client base growing, we developed our own project management solution for internal use. Over 12 months of successfully using and adding to the solution, we realized we were onto something big and there were plenty of Salesforce customers that would benefit from a project management solution that was so easy to use. So, Mission Control was created for the AppExchange. Used by customers in 25 countries around the world, Mission Control has been developed specifically for Salesforce based on years of real experience with the platform.

As we continued providing Salesforce implementation services, we also designed Mercury SMS to bridge the communication gaps that our clients were experiencing. It proved to be a very popular solution that was like no other on the AppExchange.

Now, we work exclusively with Mission Control and Mercury SMS customers, and continue developing our apps to provide an enhanced user experience.

salesforce project management software

From the very early conversations about going into business together, Chris and I were passionate about providing high-quality solutions to our customers, that are backed up exceptional support.

There have been some ups and downs during our journey, like any business. However, the experiences we’ve gained along the way, and the fun we’ve had doing it, make it easy to say that we’d do it all again.

Seeing concepts grow from an idea over a coffee (or the odd beer) into mature solutions that are helping business all around the world manage their operations more effectively is so rewarding.

We’ve always focused on architecting solutions that deliver intuitive depth.

From day 1, we’ve been ‘Driven to Exceed’ and apply that mantra to everything we do here at Aprika.

We hope you find what we have to offer of interest.



Colin Johnson
CEO & Co-Founder

salesforce project management software


    COLIN JOHNSON CEO & Co-Founder

    Colin is a dynamic Business Analyst and Project Manager with over 14 years’ experience working with the Salesforce.com CRM system and Force.com platform. His core strengths include articulating client requirements, understanding how operational systems can best be leveraged to support the realization of business objectives and building fit-for-purpose solutions.

    Aprika’s clients rely on Colin’s exceptional shrewd insights, strategy development and project management skills. He has architected and delivered numerous SFDC projects.

    CHRIS WOOLCOTT Director of Application Development & Co-Founder

    Over his 14-year career as a Salesforce.com Developer, Chris has fulfilled numerous roles and worked on a diverse range of Salesforce projects globally.

    As a certified developer, Chris has been the Technical Architect & Development Lead on dozens of local Salesforce.com projects, integrating with a wide range of third party systems, such as Google Apps, SMS Messaging Providers, Payment Gateways and ERP systems.

    TONI JOHNSON Finance Manager

    As a member of the executive team at Aprika, Toni is responsible for all finance, human resources and operational matters, as well as providing strategic support to the board.

    Having supported teams in a number of businesses, both large and small, Toni provides a great deal of coaching and mentoring experience to the team.