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Join us for Kosmo's Campfire Webinars

We’ve developed a continuous learning pathway for Mission Control users named Kosmo’s Campfires. The Campfires are a monthly webinar series designed to support our customers’ adoption, utilization and confidence with the Mission Control Project Management platform.

Each month we explore a specific feature or function and then walk you through its utilization, application and benefits so that you can start including the learning in your ways of working.

Below you’ll see the recordings of our previous Campfires and also the date of our next session. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Webinar

Next Campfire / 14th December 2022

Project Billing

Date:  14th December 2022
Time: 11am (Eastern Time, US)

The Agenda

Join us as we dive into the various methods of generating invoices based on the billable work on your Projects, including:
  • Generating Invoices Manually
  • Generating Invoices automatically upon completion of Milestones
  • Generating periodic T&M invoices
  • Generating periodic Retainer invoices
  • Generating them manually via the Billing Generator to accommodate different Billing Types across your Milestones
  • Raising Deposit Invoices and switching to periodic T&M


Look forward to seeing you there!
Mission Control Team

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