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Mission Control provides you with native Salesforce project management software. Built on the Salesforce Platform, it operates within your own instance and does not require any third party integrations.

Discover some of the key features it provides you to help effectively manage your projects and professional services teams.

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kanban project whiteboard

The Kanban Whiteboard provides users with a great way of visualising all of their actions, based on their current status. From here you can:

  • Progress Actions
  • Filter on Projects
  • Log Time / Track Time
  • Collaborate via Chatter Feed
  • Manage Action Checklists
  • Re-assign Ownership
  • Edit / Add Actions & Contributors

It’s a great way of quickly reviewing priorities with the team!

360 Degree Visibility

The Project Overview pulls everything onto one page to make it quick and easy to see how your project is performing. It provides access to:

  • Project Status
  • Project Financials
  • Gantt Chart
  • Burn Down Chart
  • Risk Matrix / Risk Log
  • Expenses

It even integrates with Chatter to provide in-context collaboration!

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Resource Capacity Planning

The Scheduler provides you with the ability to manage the resource capacity planning across all project resources. Identify and manage:

  • Capacity Availability
  • Allocation & Roadblocks
  • Holidays
  • Filter on Teams & Skills Profiles

You can view up to a 52 week period and easily drag and drop Actions to reassign or reschedule to fit within your team’s availability

Interactive Gantt Chart

The interactive Gantt Chart lets you build out new Milestones, Actions & Checklist Items, reschedule existing timelines, reassign ownership and build out dependencies.

You can export the Gantt Chart as a PDF to share the timeline with colleagues, clients or suppliers.

You’re also able to compare your actual vs. baseline dates.

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Keep Track of Time

You can also log time on the go with the Salesforce1 Time Logger, allowing you to track time through it’s ‘Start / Stop’ functionality.

  • Log Billable Hours
  • Log Non Billable Hours
  • Add Supporting Notes
  • Submit for Approval

You’re able to easily keep a record of the hours spent working on any project. The Timesheet provides a list of all actions assigned to an individual for a specific week.

PMO Dashboard

The PMO Dashboard provides the birds eye view of how your projects are performing. Highlighting key metrics such as:

  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Recognised Revenue

It provides you with instant insight into performance against budget and timeline. It also lets you drill down into the Projects, Milestones and Actions to get to the route problem in order to get the project back on track.

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Program / Roadmap Planning

Using the Program Planner, you’re able to map out and manage a long term roadmap of requirements and user stories that will be delivered across a series of projects.

  • Quickly create Requirements
  • Build out detailed User Stories
  • Manage your Roadmap Backlog
  • Allocate Requirements to Projects

Whether it’s a product development roadmap or a large customer implementation, you’ll have full visibility of everything that needs to be delivered.

Role Utilisation Report

The Role Utilisation Report provides you detailed insight into how each of your resources have been performing against their key metrics, such as:

  • Hours worked (billable / non-billable / holidays)
  • Utilisation %
  • Billable Target
  • Billable Performance %

Get full insight into team performance at the click of a button.

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