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Join us as we take a look at how you can manage projects in Salesforce. Mission Control is built natively on the Salesforce Platform, enabling you to manage projects directly within your Salesforce CRM system
We take a look at the features & benefits of Salesforce Billing along with how Mission Control's Project Financials features offer an alternative for Project Management & Professional Services Automation billing
Discover the latest features that have been released in Version 1.67 of Mission Control, including the new Auto Assignment Wizard, which greatly increases the efficiency of Resource Management
In our latest Feature Focus we take a look at Mission Control's Kanban, and how the feature helps you prioritize tasks, track progress and collaborate with your team.
Our latest release, v1.65, has just launched! We've got some exciting new features including Portfolios, which provides a seven-layer structure of project management within Mission Control. Explore Portfolios and all the exciting new enhancements here.
With so many reports to create, a project management tool with reporting features can help PMs manage their projects better with simpler, smarter project reports. With this in mind, Mission Control has created a dedicated project management reporting feature for its users. Let's take a look at what you can do with this feature.
In our latest article we define the linear scheduling method, explore the benefits of linear schedule in project management, look at the industries that commonly use the linear scheduling method and finish with some examples.
Mission Control v1.63 just dropped on the Salesforce AppExchange and this article dives into some of the amazing new features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release!
In our latest Feature Focus we take a look at Project Budgets a feature that allows you to break down your project costs into budget items so that you can track your project budget at a granular level across multiple budget line items.

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