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With so many reports to create, a project management tool with reporting features can help PMs manage their projects better with simpler, smarter project reports. With this in mind, Mission Control has created a dedicated project management reporting feature for its users. Let's take a look at what you can do with this feature.
In our latest article we define the linear scheduling method, explore the benefits of linear schedule in project management, look at the industries that commonly use the linear scheduling method and finish with some examples.
Mission Control v1.63 just dropped on the Salesforce AppExchange and this article dives into some of the amazing new features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release!
In our latest Feature Focus we take a look at Project Budgets a feature that allows you to break down your project costs into budget items so that you can track your project budget at a granular level across multiple budget line items.
Mission Control v1.62 just dropped on Salesforce AppExchange and this article dives into some of the amazing new features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release!
Mission Control's latest release, v1.61, has just dropped. Some of the really handy new features include Start Date + Working Days, Dependency Notifications as well as a raft of enhancements across Timesheets, Scheduler, Whiteboard and Role Utilization.
There are many different ways to improve business processes, and you may have heard of Six Sigma methodology as one of them. We unpack what exactly it is & how your business can benefit from this methodology.
In this article, we explore what billable utilization is and how to calculate it, what an ideal utilization rate is and how you calculate it, and how to use Professional Services Automation to measure your billable utilization.
We’ve just launched the v1.60 update of Mission Control! In one of our most comprehensive updates, ever, we have a new game changing Resource Forecasting feature, Kanban Checklist feature, a new Billing Generator feature and Auto-Generation enhancements.
What does our pipeline look like? Can we fulfill new sales wins with our current resources? What percentage of our time was billable last month? Are we making a profit? These are all common questions in professional services. We answer these questions and many more as we take a look at why and how good PSA software can transform your business.
Arguably one of the most important metrics of any commercial project is its financial performance. But in order to deliver successfully on this, a Project Manager needs both clear visibility and an understanding of the numbers to positively influence a project’s roll-out. In this article, we run through how to set-up and manage a project for financial success. And spoiler alert, it starts long before the project does.
The Meeting Manager feature in Mission Control is truly a game changer for any business that relies on meeting time to move projects forward. It is an essential component of progress tracking and maximizing efficient workflow.

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