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Mission Control’s Survive or Thrive Professional Services Roundtable round up

Last week, in conjunction with Salesforce, we ran our first Roundtable Executive event at Salesforce Tower in Sydney.

Cyclonic conditions and broken ferries tried to rain on the parade but we had a full house with some great, interactive presentations and some positive discussions around growth, resilience, change and professional services best practices.

We kicked off with a keynote from our Sales Director, Trevor Doornbos who presented our central theme – the four pillars of success in professional services. Trevor intertwined some great examples from across the industry that he’d witnessed working with a range of professional services partners with Mission Control and across his several years in the Salesforce ecosystem. A very well received and fine example of thought leadership.

Vincent Motte, was invited to speak about his experiences of growth and acquisition and nailed the brief. An honest and insightful recollection of his time with Carnac and the great experiences and learnings him and his team have enjoyed since joining the Viseo Group. Lots of big consultancy firms in attendance, a few in the M&A space, that I’m sure had some takeaways that will support them in their endeavours.

Tim Robinson from Allegra Consulting was fantastic, throwing out the notes and giving real life examples of culture and change management and cross-referencing his subject matter with some of Vincent’s stories which gave his presentation a huge amount of relevance and impact.

We also had Salesforce’s RVP of Delivery Engagement give some fantastic examples and insights of the Salesforce and technology landscape, that culminated with stories of success within some of their enterprise customers. They provided some insightful commentary on some recent innovations within Salesforce Sales Cloud currently in use on the Salesforce internal system and how applying those technology motions had been transformative for their internal users.

We also had two amazing customer spotlights with Martine Campagna from Sauce Consulting and Saritha who shared their story of discovery, delivery and ultimately the impact that Mission Control has had on their businesses which included productivity gains, transparency improvements, new automations as well as the pain and pleasure of timesheets!

James Strahan, Marketing Lead at Aprika Business Solutions gave a run down of Mission Control’s recent Total Economic Impact Report. The origin and build story was compelling as were the results which included an average Mission Control customer ROI of 6,156%. To browse this report and see the date-driven commercial impacts our customers have experienced head to our Total Economic Impact Report.

The event was flawlessly organized and hosted by Andrew Berkley, Jerry Huang and the Events Team at Salesforce. From registration, to facilities to catering, they assured a smooth and seamless experience for all in attendance and the view from level 53 was an incredible backdrop.

Based off the reaction from the capacity audience and those that missed registration cut off it’s likely we’ll be running a similar event in the new year, with a new central theme and leading industry experts, so watch this space.

If you have questions from the current event or are keen to be included in the next event you can email [email protected] and to dive deeper into the Mission Control platform head to our demo request page.

Thank you again to all our speakers and organizers. The event provided not only a platform for networking but also valuable takeaways. Whether it was new industry insights, practical tips from seasoned professionals, or potential collaborations, attendees left with many tangible benefits.

And one day we’ll see the sun shine in Sydney!



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