Love it or hate it, the trusty Gantt Chart is synonymous with Project Management. When used effectively, Gantt charts should underpin and ultimately drive a project’s successful delivery. So, it’s pretty imperative to build a solid Gantt chart from the offset. In this article, we take you through some of the key factors to consider to ensure your Gantt chart delivers every time.
We’ve got some amazing new Mission Control features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release! Our latest version 1.59 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange last Friday 10th September and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.
Good project managers know that the key to a successful project starts with a good framework.  Using a well-established project management methodology helps project leaders plan, optimize and implement various stages of a project with more efficiency. Today, we’re talking about Stage-Gate - a widely used project management process that can be a great, fuss-free fit for almost any kind of project. It is most commonly used for new product development or launching software, websites and apps. 
When time is money, it’s imperative you understand how that time is being used, especially in industries like Professional Services. But not all time tracking is created equal. Recording time after the work has been done is a good place to start but there’s a whole host of ways time tracking can be used for ongoing business improvement. In this article, we explore some of the potential benefits that effective time tracking can bring to an organization.
The way in which we approach and manage our project resources can make all the difference to our teams, our business and our clients. In this article we explore how smarter resource planning can support long term and sustainable project management.
The Action Pad feature is a place where resources can see a list of all the Actions assigned to them. A series of analytical charts provide a summary insight into each action's current status.
If only you had more hours in the days….or more dedicated project resource, right?! These are common issues when running a project. But increasing a project’s output shouldn’t always be about working longer or working harder, but instead working smarter.
We’ve got some amazing new Mission Control features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release! Our latest version 1.58 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange last Saturday 12 June and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.
The last 12 months has fast tracked the use of software systems for project management into a global reality for many and to align with our growth we’re delighted to announce the expansion of our team with the appointment of James Strahan.
What’s better than one fully comprehensive, tried and tested Project Plan? Two of them! With Mission Control’s Project Generation tool there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it’s time to start a new project.
Running a project involves some risk factors: Will something impact the delivery date? What components could make a project go over budget? Will every part of the project meet stakeholder expectations?
Ever feel like a project’s time and resources are running away from you? No matter how well organised you start out on a project, things change. And with Agile project methodology increasing in popularity, they’re supposed to.
If your 2021 business plan clearly outlines goals for growth, is everything already in place to effectively support it? It’s easy to look at the bigger picture and be motivated by numbers and targets but if the business infrastructure isn’t set-up to support them, business growth and increased revenue on paper might not mean an increase in profitability in reality.
As a Project Manager, there’s undeniably a lot of balls to juggle at any one time. And whilst there are many options available on how to ensure you don’t drop any of them (like spreadsheets, schedules or even your trusty grey matter) a Gantt Chart provides a perfect solution.
One thing is certain as a Project Manager and that’s that the industry is constantly moving and evolving, which means so is the role, its function and wider perceptions within organizations and beyond.
What a way to start a new year with a new release of our Mission Control project management software, native to the Salesforce platform! Our latest version 1.56 was released on the Salesforce AppExchange last Friday 15 January and we’ve made a number of enhancements to various features, making it even more accessible, engaging and useful for our customers.
We all love it when a plan comes together…but what if it doesn’t? Or if there’s an obstacle or two along the way that puts your project off track? 2020 is the perfect example! With Baseline Tracking, it’s all part of the process.
When the need for project management software is first identified within an organization, it can seem such an obvious and compelling solution. Making the decision to engage and roll that software out, however, is rarely that simple. A range of stakeholders, influencers and decision makers need to be brought in and sold on how this software will revolutionise the business.
Ah, the humble ‘to-do’ list: A daily ritual for many; some starting the day with a strong coffee, favourite pen and a trusty notebook, others opting for a typed list, working out priorities for the day. But what if your daily ‘to-do’ list at work was delivered to your inbox each morning?
“I know just the person for the job.” What a great place to land; when a project or task presents itself and you have just the person in mind for it. Even better if they’re available and raring to go. Yet working in larger organisations or part of a wider project team means you might not always know everyone’s skillset and previous experience prior to a project commencing.
As 2020 has fast tracked the use of software systems for project management into a global reality for many, we’re delighted to announce the expansion of our team and the appointment of our newest team member, Trevor Doornbos.
We hear from businesses everyday that still manage their projects on Excel spreadsheets. Is this a problem? Not if you truly believe that it is the most effective way to keep control of your project. Our entire team has a long history of strong relationships with the humble Excel spreadsheet.
Let’s talk resourcing. In our experience it is one of the biggest challenges for professional service businesses, as you attempt to work out capacity vs amount of work and who is available vs has the right skills to do the job!
The last couple of years has seen a shift within the project management industry and this was well reflected within KPMG’s research. Predominately driven by changes in business operations, this shift includes a demand to be more disruptive and an ability to successfully navigate rapidly changing landscapes.
The world of project management is expanding as more businesses realise its importance to enact real change and innovation. Dubbed ‘The Project Economy’ by the Project Management Institute, we are now in a time where businesses are fundamentally shifting the way they operate, where projects no longer sit adjacent to operations but are the main way problems get solved and businesses innovate.
We’ve seen the immediate affect of COVID-19 on the business world, from the small shop front that has had to create basic online or phone systems for ordering products, through to larger enterprises that hadn’t quite got around to cloud-based applications scrambling to adapt.
We’ve been through quite a few iterations and improvements of Mission Control since our last ‘What’s New’ blog post. We always issue detailed release notes and webinars for each of the three annual releases of the software to our community.
Professional services businesses operate across the board in almost any industry you care to name, and they generate revenue by selling time. So, it’s critical that, if you’re a professional services organisation, you can keep track of your billable time, business efficiency –
Are you running multiple projects with many individual tasks? How do you manage visibility of all those tasks? If you’re like many businesses, you’ll have a team of ‘spreadsheet ninjas’ whose job it is to keep track of tasks and the status of each task.
If you’ve ever run a complex project with multiple steps and people, you’ll know it’s tricky to keep all those elements under control. However, you might believe that a project management tool is an unnecessary expense and you can easily manage projects yourselves.
Have you ever felt that your projects are taking more time than they should? Or projects are using up non-billable hours in unnecessary admin? Are you spending way too much time wrangling complex spreadsheets rather than concentrating on your business?
What is a Kanban board? Well, think of it like an electronic whiteboard covered in sticky notes – only you have the ability to manipulate those notes within the software. The Kanban board was originally developed in Japan
We recently released the latest version of Mission Control, which included two new features: Project Overview Page, Track Pad. The Project Overview Page has always been hugely popular amongst Mission Control Users for it’s ability to provide a 360 Degree view into one particular project.
We’re excited to announce that we have launched the latest version of Mission Control onto the AppExchange today. It’s jam-packed with some amazing new features, just in time for Christmas!!
We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Mission Control. Version 1.36 is now available on the AppExchange. This release includes a number of new and exciting features, including:
We’ve been hard at work again developing more awesome features for Mission Control. I’m pleased to advise that the latest version (1.35) was released onto the AppExchange on Monday 11th April 2016. Some of the key highlights include:
Mission Control is Lightning Ready! The latest release of Mission Control (Version 1.34), which was released on the AppExchange on Monday 9th November 2015, now supports Lightning Experience .
We are very excited to announce our largest release since Mission Control was initially launched. The range of feature enhancements being introduced to our project management solution that is native to the platform
We bring a variety of new features to you this time, all of which are going to provide you with a richer project management experience. The major inclusions this time are:
It’s that time again, a new version of our project management tool, Mission Control has been launched on the AppExchange today. Below is a summary of the major new features:
We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of Mission Control, our Project Management application that is native to has been launched on the AppExchange today. It boasts a range of new features, including:
A new version of Mission Control (version 1.14) has been released on to the AppExchange today. Below is a summary of the new features now available making our Project Management solution even better.
Mission Control launches onto the AppExchange We have launched our latest product, Mission Control onto the AppExchange today. Mission Control is a project management application that integrates with the following editions:

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