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Kosmo’s Feature Focus: Project Management Reporting

Project management reporting is essential to a project’s success since it provides a window into what’s happening and points you toward necessary improvements. Project reports allow project managers to communicate vital information to stakeholders, such as project status, resource availability, time usage, financial health, etc.

With so many reports to create, a project management tool with reporting features can help PMs manage their projects better with simpler, smarter project reports. With this in mind, Mission Control has created a dedicated project management reporting feature for its users. Let’s take a look at what you can do with this feature.

What is the Project Management Reporting feature in Mission Control?

While you can create custom reports and dashboards to meet your requirements, there will be times when you don’t have enough time to create everything from scratch. To help with this, Mission Control has provided its customers with a set of standard reports and a dashboard to make project reporting a breeze. This feature allows you to create various types of project reports in minutes!

How to Use Mission Control’s Project Management Reporting

The Mission Control Project Management Reporting feature can help you create different types of reports that you can use to keep all stakeholders updated on the project’s progress and health status.

Project status report

The project status report is a vital report that gives stakeholders a general overview of how well (or poorly) the project is advancing toward its objectives. Use the project status report to give stakeholders a general update on project progress, emerging issues, and critical points to note.

Project health report

Project health reports give an overall view of the project’s health in terms of whether it’s advancing as projected, in danger of stagnating, or completely stagnated. Health reports let you and other stakeholders know whether you’re on track to deliver the project on target. If the project has stalled, you can quickly analyze what needs the most attention to get you back on track.

Team availability report

Generate a team availability report to view every team member’s schedule. This way, you can see who’s occupied and when they’re busy. Team availability reports help with resource planning as you can tell which team members are available for work, those who can safely take on more work, and those who are at full capacity and might need assistance.

Variance report

A variance report lets you track your planned and actual progress to see if teams have deviated from the project’s key objectives. In case of variance, you can quickly get the team to refocus on major priorities.

Time management reports

Time management reports help you track how much time your team devotes to each task. Tracking time is crucial because you can tell if the project is progressing as it should. You can also ensure your team utilizes time on billable work. This way, you use the project budget on what matters most.

To access the Mission Control reporting dashboard, click the Dashboards tab and select Mission Control Dashboard from the drop-down, which is contained in the Mission Control Dashboards folder.

Key Components of Mission Control’s Project Management Reporting

On the Mission Control Project Management Reporting dashboard, you’ll find several standard reports you can quickly download and share with relevant stakeholders. These include:

  • Actions by end date: This report shows a project’s planned and in-progress actions. These actions are grouped according to their end date. Such a report is essential for team members responsible for various project activities as they can stay up-to-date with deadlines.
  • Actions by status: The report displays all the actions due within a month. The actions are indicated as either complete or incomplete.
  • Completed actions by actual performance: This is a report that gives you a summary of activities that the team has completed. The actions are grouped according to actual performance.
  • Current projects by forecast performance: Displays your current projects according to forecast performance.
  • Hours remaining summary by role: This report summarizes the total hours remaining by role name for actions due within seven days or less.
  • Hours remaining summary by action owner: Displays each action owner’s hours remaining by the end date.
  • Hours remaining summary by status: Displays the number of hours remaining by action status.
  • Project summary by status: Displays an overview of all projects by their status (pending, ongoing, complete, etc.)
  • Resource utilization report: This shows how you’ve utilized each role for the last three months.
  • Top projects by hours allocated: Displays your projects in order of hours allocated, starting with the project with the most hours.
  • Top projects by hours remaining: Displays projects according to hours remaining to complete.
  • Holiday allowance remaining summary: This gives you an overview of all the remaining holiday allowances within a defined period. Hours are grouped by role and holiday type.
  • Billing event exceptions reports and dashboard: This component enables customers to correctly configure their projects and milestones to generate the correct invoices for various billing events.


Projects require many steps and a lot of planning. This necessitates different types of reports at various stages. It can all get overwhelming if you don’t have a reliable system to manage and generate your reports.

Mission Control’s Project Management Reporting feature not only helps you create stunning reports quickly but gathers all your data and stores it in an easy-to-use format with just the click of a button!

Contact us today to learn more about Mission Control’s Project Management Reporting feature and how it can help simplify your reporting process.



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