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Salesforce Summer Release 2023 Guide: Key Dates, New Features and More

Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means; it’s time for a new Salesforce release!

Salesforce recently announced the key dates for its Summer ’23 Release, and as always, you can expect exciting new features and improvements to the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release and the important dates for you to bookmark.

Key Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Dates

Salesforce will roll out the Summer ’23 Release in several phases starting May 14th, 2023. Here are the key dates you need to be aware of:

  • April 26: Preview notes became available.
  • May 4 & 5: Sandbox cutoff date and Sandboxes are upgraded. You can try out features related to your customizations in your sandbox. Take time to evaluate how specific features will be helpful or impact the way your organization uses Salesforce.
  • May 15th: Preview instances are upgraded to Summer ’23. Admins and developers can view highlights of the Summer ’23 release.
  • June 3rd-4th: Salesforce will perform a final readiness check.
  • June 10th: Summer 23 Release will be available in production. Once the release window passes for your environment, you’ll have access to the newest features available in your production environment!

Please note that the exact release date for Summer ’23 depends on your Salesforce instance and location. You can confirm your Salesforce instance release date from here.

Release Calendar for Summer 23:


Main Features and Enhancements from the Summer ‘23 Release

Eager to see what the Summer 23 Release has to offer? Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights:

1. Choice lookup component becomes available

Salesforce introduced the Choice Lookup component as a beta feature earlier this year. The input component lets you display your choices in a lookup format. In the Summer ’23 release, the Choice Lookup component will become available to all users.

2. Add a search bar to the data table

Starting this Summer, you can add a search bar to the Data Table component. To add a search bar, select the “Show search bar” option.

Additionally, Salesforce has increased the limit of rows shown in a table at one time from 200 to 1500.

3. Create rich search results with structured data

With the Salesforce Summer ’23 release, you can use structured data from your store to dynamically update a page’s meta tags, which search engines process and surface. For instance, you can inform search engines about product attributes such as color, size, and material. This information creates richer and more accurate search results.

4. Reactive Screen components support formulas

The recently introduced reactive screen components let you configure your screen components to react to a user’s actions on the same screen. In the Summer ’23 release, reactive screen components will also support formulas.

5. Interrupt long-running work to handle time-sensitive work

You can now designate longer-duration work items, such as cases, as interruptible so your customer agents can accept time-sensitive work instead. Doing so will significantly reduce wait times and provide more responsive service. Your agents can focus on time-sensitive tasks such as chats or voice calls.

6. Improved send email core action

Currently, one of the ways to send an email using flow on Salesforce is the send email core action. This feature misses many options that will now be added in the Summer ’23 release. For instance, you can use email templates (Lightning Email Templates are also supported). You’ll also be able to log the email on the ‘specified records’ activity timelines. Unfortunately, the recipient limit is still five, meaning you can send one email message to a maximum of five people.

7. Guide your mobile workers at the right place and the right time

The new release will allow you to personalize the information you give your mobile workers. You can set up actions that let mobile workers view the service appointment record, open a Lightning web component (LWC), or initiate a mobile flow while on site.

8. Process builder creation has been disabled

Say goodbye to the Process Builder. Starting with the Summer ’23 release, you won’t be able to create a new Process Builder anymore. But you can still edit, activate, and deactivate existing processes or create new versions. So you’ll still be able to manage all your existing automation.

9. Rules for enforcing explicit access to apex classes disabled

Starting Summer ’23, a user running a flow will not be required to have explicit access to Apex classes caused by that flow.

10. Enable content sniffing protection

Once the new release is updated, you can enable the content sniffing protection feature. This feature helps prevent the browser from loading scripts disguised as other file types when your users access external content and websites from Salesforce.

Salesforce Summer 2023 release summary and what the release means for Mission Control

The Salesforce Summer Release ’23 offers a wide range of new and enhanced features across various industries and areas of the Salesforce platform. From Sales and Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud and Analytics, these updates will provide more efficient and effective ways to manage your business and customer interactions.

The addition of new products and tools, such as Einstein Conversation Mining, Bot Blocks, and Loyalty Cloud, shows that Salesforce is committed to advancing its AI capabilities and creating more integrated and customizable solutions.

While these features will significantly improve Salesforce UX there aren’t any major adjustments for Mission Control users, but of course, the improved security architecture will add additional layers of protection as will the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Auto-Enablement.

Overall, the Summer Release ’23 Notes demonstrate Salesforce’s dedication to improving its platform and empowering its users with innovative technology.

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