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Mission Control is an online project management software system, native to Salesforce. With a suite of first-class features, it equips businesses with all the tools and processes needed to deliver consistently efficient projects across the board.

Looking for Salesforce PSA Software, packed with useful Project Management Tools?

It’s simple, if your business uses Salesforce, Mission Control can help streamline your project management. Suitable for business of all sizes and industries, Mission Control is a custom Salesforce project management app being used by organizations around the world. In fact, it has supported the delivery of more than 500,000 projects. It’s based on intuitive, easy-to-use software that supports a range of users from Project Managers through to Executives, Admin and Project Team Members.

So if you are looking for Professional Services Automation Software, Mission Control incorporates everything a project needs, automating many steps along the way with a range of online Salesforce project management tools and features. The result? More efficient teams, more efficient delivery and more efficient businesses.


The Console

The Mission Control Console provides you with quick launch access to all of the key areas of your project management solution.

Project Generation

With just a few simple clicks, you can quickly & easily create a project framework including all of the required key milestone deliverables you need.

Project Overview

A complete project overview. Simply view all of your projects on one page including the Gantt Chart, Burn Down Chart, milestones, actions, expenses and risks.

Action Pad

For resources to progress Actions, collaborate with colleagues and log time across work assigned to them.

Project Financials

Track both Billing and Cost rates, enabling full P&L visibility. Raise invoices for Fixed Price or T&M projects.

Gantt Chart

View projects on the Gantt Chart, getting visibility of all milestones and actions. Manage dependencies, drag and drop to reschedule and view progress.

Kanban Whiteboard

You can easily drag and drop your Action ‘sticky notes’ to record your progress in this Kanban style whiteboard, making them simple to update.

Revenue Recognition

A clear and concise way to Identify how your project revenue will be recognized based on the delivery schedule.


Provide project members with ability to log time & track hours across multiple projects on a weekly basis.

Role Utilization

Track how your project resources are performing against overall utilization targets and billable hours performance.

PMO Dashboard

Gain high-level insight into how each one of your projects are performing to it’s set budget and schedule.

Story Board

Allows you to build out and map your User Stories to the appropriate Requirement within a Program.

Program Planner

Visual Kanban allows you to build Requirements & User Stories as part of a long-term roadmap across a series of Projects.

Assignment Wizard

Use this feature to search for the the right resources based on capacity, team membership, skill set and skill proficiency.

Project Builder

The Project Builder enables you to convert your Requirements and User Stories into Actions within a Project.

Risks & Issues

Keep track of potential Risks, as well as any Issues within a project that may arise, and will need to be resolved.

Resource Scheduler

View all of your actions, identify bottlenecks and holidays, or reassign or reschedule actions to fit the capacity of project resources.

Meeting Manager

A great productivity tool, your project teams can keep on top of all their meetings, agenda items and tasks within this feature.

Resource Management

Track resources, specify billing & cost rates, assign to Teams & Skills and record Holiday allowances & requests.

Retrospective Board

The retrospective board allows you to review your projects and identify learnings that can be referenced ongoing.

There are so many advantages of using Mission Control...

Lose the lists, post-it notes and spreadsheets with the peace of mind that everything’s covered in Our Salesforce project management software. With a suite of salesforce project management tools at your command, access all the information you need to run, monitor and measure your projects more effectively. Whatever you’re looking to use agile methodology in salesforce  or which ever project methodology you use, Mission Control will support your project delivery from agile, waterfall, wagile and everything in between.

In addition to delivering ROI on your Salesforce platform, This Salesforce PSA software will improve your business processes, deliver ongoing business insights and empower your workforce to add more value to clients and the wider business every day.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools
Salesforce Project Management Software - Gantt Chart
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools

Mission Control
Salesforce Project Management App

The black & white benefits
A healthy project is a profitable project

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools

Ideal for small & large teams

Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise organization, Mission Control Salesforce Project Management Software is entirely scalable to suit your needs, and the perfect Salesforce PSA software for any size & style business.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools

Adapts to any style of project

Perfect for everything from professional services and creative through to software development and construction, Salesforce Project Management Software will revolutionise your projects whatever the industry & whatever project management methodology.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools

Saves time & money

By streamlining your project financial management and processes using Mission Control Salesforce PSA Software, will increase productivity, resource utilization and in doing so, save you valuable business & staff time.

Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Tools

Track, monitor, learn & improve

Packed with Salesforce Project Management tools, Mission Control allows you to track, monitor and review every step of your project. Comparing projected outcomes against actual, you can easily identify any improvements needed.

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