Case Studies

Case Studies

The real power of Mission Control is that it can be used by any company, in any industry, to help you better manage your projects.

Mission Control has customers in a variety of industries including Professional Services, Training, Software Development, Healthcare, Education, Construction, Not for Profit and Financial Services. Take a look at the industry benefits here, and the specific role benefits here.

Below you’ll find a selection of Case Studies from some of our clients, who have shared the reasons they started using Mission Control and the benefits they’ve gained as a result of using our Salesforce project management tools & features. 

Salesforce Project Management Software Client Review
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Geraldine Gray and Will Nourse
Managing Director
– Endiem
Salesforce Project Management Software Client Review
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Vincent Motte
Managing Director
– Carnac Group
Salesforce Project Management Software Client Review
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Chris Litten
General Manager
Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Case Study
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Scott Hankins
– Listrak


Firespring provides strategic guidance activated through creative, marketing, printing and technology solutions to help businesses and nonprofits prosper.

Carnac Group

Carnac Group is a certified Salesforce Partner in Sydney, Australia. They advise businesses on any aspect of their Salesforce journey, including strategy development, Salesforce implementations and improvement projects. They have been using Mission Control for over 2 years to manage their projects, financials and resources.

Fast Cloud Consulting

Fast Cloud Consulting is an official Consulting Partner. With offices in the United States and Latin America the business focuses on helping the clients of our clients achieve success via the platform.


BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing and consulting organisation inspiring the building and construction industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. We achieve this by transforming insightful research into accessible actionable knowledge


Endiem delivers Salesforce consulting, implementations, and management on time, in budget, and with flair. As Houston’s largest independent Salesforce partner, Endiem discovers, designs, and builds Salesforce solutions that scale for growth and help businesses achieve their goals. The ADvantage by Endiem team then helps our customers manage their new Salesforce org post-implementation. Endiem has had great success implementing Salesforce for cus

CTC Software

CTC Software is a world leader in building information modelling (BIM) technologies and software services. The team of architects, engineers and software developers work to create leading productivity tools on top of Revit, Civil 3d and Autodesk’s Forge platforms.

Skie Solutions

Skie is a boutique cloud services company specialising in Salesforce. We’re focussed on delivering solutions that allow better engagement, interactions and productivity through the world’s leading customer success platform. Skie shares a vision of clean, elegant cloud-based solutions across CRM, service, marketing automation and customer development to drive clients forward toward reaching their strategic objectives.


SparkOrange is a Salesforce Silver SI Partner serving clients nationally, providing Salesforce implementation, customization, automation and development services. The SparkOrange team is passionate about solving complex business problems through both technology & sound business strategies, and specializes in accelerating lead generation & revenues while improving operational efficiency and reducing overheads

Train The Crowd

We are the leaders in developing and delivering training for Salesforce End Users, Administrators and Consulting Partners in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Global ActionPlan

Global Action Plan is a charity on a mission to tackle our throwaway culture and the harmful effect it has on the health of our young people and the planet. We’re an Environmental Charity working with young people to reimagine our


Fraedom delivers payments, expense and travel solutions to companies all around the globe both directly to end customers, and indirectly though our partner channel. Fraedom employs teams of project managers in all of the regions in

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