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Sauce Consulting

Sauce Consulting

Sauce Consulting started out using ticketing and activity tracking software Jira, but soon realized it wasn’t suitable or scalable to help them manage a fast-growing business, multiple projects and a large number of employees.

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Sydney Australia

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Technology Consulting

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What They Needed

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?

We started our journey by understanding what our requirements were internally and then went to market to see which tool would serve us best. As we are a Salesforce Implementation Partner ourselves, we had a preference to keep on-platform but still looked at a range off market leading tools. After some initial sessions with Trevor at Aprika we felt Mission Control were the only ones that had the feature-set, at the right price point, on the best platform for us.


What were you previously using?

We were using Jira but found that platform was lacking in project management functionality and were only using it for ticketing. We knew by the end of the year we would be close to 100 staff and needed something to support our growth projections, that would scale with us and provide robust project and people management in a centralised system.


What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?

Jira is fundamentally a ticket-based storyboard or reporting solution and wasn’t suitable or scalable to help us manage a fast-growing business, multiple projects and a large number of employees.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control helped?

Bringing Mission Control in gave us a central view – an ability to manage projects from a health, resource and financial perspective.

As we never kept as close a record on our project performance as we do now it’s hard to put a quantifiable figure on the positive impact Mission Control has had on Sauce, but observationally the impacts are many; we’re having more robust and mature conversations about our projects – adequate resourcing, project profitability, customer reporting and visibility, invoice tracking, cashflow – all things we weren’t as closely aware of before Mission Control came along.

We’re getting the visibility, reporting and results that we’ve never had before. We now have the data and insights to make sensible and smart business decisions.


How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?

While Mission Control’s support team are great and have always been super responsive, what impresses me most is their drive and genuine effort to centre their platform around the customer.

I can recall several product enhancements that I’ve briefed in over the last few years that have ended up on their roadmap. I’ve outlined a problem or opportunity, they’ve drafted a solution, and then embedded into the platform. It’s great to have the support from such a passionate team.


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