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Our Partner Program provides you with the enablement, tools and resources to drive your business growth, accelerate your Mission Control learning and win more clients.

How you’ll benefit from the Mission Control Partner Program

What's in it for you?

A Robust & Reliable Product

Learning Materials

Leading Support

Some of the benefits you can expect upon joining & elevating through our Partner Program









How we support our Partners

Product Knowledge

  • Enablement Resources
  • Partner Exclusive Webinars
  • Certifications
  • Implementation Guides

Pre-Sales Support

  • Discovery Calls
  • Collaborative Demonstrations
  • Scoping Templates
  • Lead Qualifying

Product Roadmap

  • Release Notes
  • What’s New Webinars
  • Priority Access to Roadmap
  • 360 Partner Feedback

Business Development

  • GTM Support
  • Sales and Marketing Assets
  • Partner Logos and Badges
  • Business Referrals

Get Certified
With Our Dedicated Learning Portal

Mission Control Certified Experts are respected for their broad Mission Control skills and the value they bring to organizations and teams. They demonstrate expertise at the highest level. There’s no better way to show your proficiency across the Mission Control platform than through this highly-regarded designation.

Partner Success Stories

Explore some of the projects we’ve worked on with our Partners
Moderno Solutions
Client: ComplyNZ
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
SI Contact: Gareth Baker
Client Industry: Construction


ComplyNZ were managing their projects through a variety of disparate solutions and needed a platform that could consolidate their workflows and provide improved internal and external visibility and reporting. Moderno Solutions managed both the implementation and onboarding of Salesforce and Mission Control. Here they share their insights.
Client: CloudMed
Location: Missouri, United States
SI Contact: Kristin Harris
Client Industry: Revenue Solutions


Abstrakt, Salesforce and Mission Control worked together to onboard project and customer technologies across the CloudMed Business. CloudMed were previously using a combination of Jira and SmartSheets and the complexity of their teams and projects required them to have a single customer view and unified tech stack. Abstrakt’s service work included project migration, data manipulation, platform education and new data structures.

What’s in your Partner Portal

Dynamic overview of your organizations overall partner status – including your current partner level and badging, how many referrals you and your staff have made, current learning status levels, referrals leaderboard and the certifications your staff have completed.

This section provides your business with a view of all the courses, a team learning overview, your various learning pathways, and the current staff status for certification. You can manage your team’s learning / certification progress.

A knowledge repository which includes sales and technical enablement material. There’s product cheat sheets, implementation guides, marketing collateral, upcoming webinars and sales support material.

Partner Search is a repository of technology consulting businesses and Salesforce Implementation partners which enables our clients and prospective customers to search, research and select a partner of their choice.

The referral dashboard allows Partners to make referrals, check in on the status of existing referrals, check commission status and see outcomes and updates on current and historical opportunities.

This area allows the designated company admin to add and remove team members, change permissions, revise organizational details and manage staff learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage Salesforce Consulting Partners to join our Partner Program. To join, please click the ‘Become a Partner’ link at the top of this page and complete the application form.

No, if you know of someone that would benefit from using Mission Control you can get in touch via our contact us form. However, being a Mission Control partner means you may be eligible to earn a referral commission.

You register for the Program on the form provided on this website. We’ll review your application (usually within 1-2 business days) and let you know whether you’ve been approved or not. You’ll then receive a series of onboarding emails and can start referring or engaging in the platform for research, further learning or profile administration. Partners receive commission and a variety of other benefits for being part of the program and ultimately referring Mission Control to their clients.

Yes, any Salesforce Consulting Partner is eligible to become a partner, regardless of where they are located.

When you apply to join the Partner Program, you will receive a referral agreement that outlines the terms of the agreement.

If you no longer wish to be a member of our Partner Program, simply email [email protected] requesting to be deactivated from the program.

All active members of the Partner Program will be listed within our Partner Search.

Your Partner Dashboard provides both a platform to refer and track your referrals. Simply log in and you’ll see an overview of your current referrals which you can dive into for further information. Referrals can be made by hitting the ‘Make a Referral’ button on the left hand navigation or hitting the ‘Make a Referral’ button on the top left ‘Company Referrals Overview’ module.

A referral is deemed to be successful once the opportunity is closed won, which essentially means the client has agreed to terms and signed their agreement for Mission Control licenses. You will be notified automatically through the platform once/if this occurs.

You can rise and fall through the 4 membership levels based on your organizations volume of referrals and total number of Mission Control certifications in any given calendar year. The various benefits you enjoy will obviously change off the back of this. To read more on the benefits and requirements for each partner tier visit

Tiers are updated within 2 weeks of the referral or certification that elevated you. You will hold this tier until the end of the next calendar year, unless you elevate again in that time.

Yes it can. While elevation is essentially instant, we assess tier reduction at the end of each calendar year. You will be notified of this change via email.

Commission is paid upon a referral closing to ‘Opportunity Closed Won’ in your Partner Dashboard. You will be notified of this result and commission will be paid on a quarterly basis as outlined in the referral agreement.

Your joining date needs to pre-date your referral date, meaning retrospective referrals or referrals currently in play can’t be migrated across to the Partner platform.

The referral will be applied to the partner that submits the referral first.

Referrals are reviewed within 24 hours. If approved you will be notified by email

No, the level of commission doesn’t change.

We’ll always refer any implementation services to the initial referrer in the first instance. If the referral decides that they would like to work with another organisation to implement we would ask that they circle back to notify their original referrer.

There is a ‘Sales Enablement’ module in the ‘Resources’ area of your Partner Portal where you will find a variety of badges, icons, videos and collateral that will help enable you, and your staff, to effectively promote Mission Control to your clients.

Set up a Salesforce Dev Org –
Install Mission Control –
Email [email protected] with the Salesforce Org ID requesting license activation

You can raise a support ticket via our website. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

At this stage we are planning to have a bi-monthly Partner check-in which will include key updates on Mission Control and the Partner Program

Logos, badges, enablement videos and marketing collateral can be found in your Partner Portal in either the Sales or Technical categories.

Yes, we can provide co-branded material depending on your needs and level of partnership. We need to know at least three full weeks in advance of an event or campaign. You will be responsible for any printing costs. Because our business focuses on sustainability, we request you only print small quantities; our preferred method of delivery is electronic.

We have a marketing team that typically work with our Silver and Gold Partners for GTM support, but if you get in touch via [email protected] our Marketing Team will be willing to connect and share some insights.

Yes, each year we have dozens of new features or enhancements so we require that all staff complete the annual maintenance test to keep their learning and platform knowledge as current as possible.

Implementation Specialist
This Certification is awarded on the successful completion of our Implementation Expert test. Using our Implementation Guide we’ll examine your ability to gather client requirements, install Mission Control, understand key product terms and then utilise key features within the platform.

Product Expert
This Certification is awarded on the successful completion of our Fundamentals learning content. This certificate will examine a candidates’ knowledge of and skills related to the entire Mission Control platform, including the understanding and efficient utilization of Mission Control’s key features as well as issue troubleshooting.

Partner Search is a Directory of AppExchange Salesforce Implementation (SI) Partners. Content includes the company’s bio, projects worked on, location and website.

No, all SIs on Salesforce’s AppExchange can be listed free of charge. Mission Control Partners will enjoy an enhanced profile description and listing placement, as well as the opportunity to receive ongoing professional services referrals from prospects looking for implementation partners of Salesforce or Mission Control.

To add your listing you can simply join the Partner Program. To have any listing removed or updated you can get in touch with us through [email protected]

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