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Endiem delivers Salesforce consulting, implementations, and management on time, in budget, and with flair. As Houston’s largest independent Salesforce partner, Endiem discovers, designs, and builds Salesforce solutions that scale for growth and help businesses achieve their goals. The ADvantage by Endiem team then helps our customers manage their new Salesforce org post-implementation. Endiem has had great success implementing Salesforce for cus

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Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Customer

What They Needed

What were you previously using?
Bits of string, chewing gum, rubber bands, PostIt notes, tinsel, glitter, unicorns, etc.  Just kidding – Freshbooks + Salesforce + Salesforce apps + Google docs + Google sheets + email, yikes!

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
While we could manage projects and deliverables well it was hard to track projects at the task level and to transparently share this data across the organization or with customers.  We had outgrown our “lightweight” project management tools yet we found pure SLCD tools too “heavy” and time consuming.
Invoicing was easy but we were challenged to tie burn rates (dollars, hours, timelines) to project progress and we had to run budgets out of spreadsheets.

What options did you consider?
Custom Salesforce development, Jira, Cloud Coach, Asana.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
Mission Control provides the ability to manage a project from opportunity through post-implementation support, with a holistic view of user stories, requirements, tasks, time tracking, issue and risk management.
We’ve integrated Salesforce with Xero using the Breadwinner API and we now have the ability to manage Invoicing and A/R to provide us with a comprehensive picture of our business at any moment of the project.
We’ve customized Salesforce so that as we build out a customer quote we can create features that automatically convert to user stories when we close a deal and we can generate a full Statement of Work from Salesforce in a handful of clicks and send it via DocuSign.

What do you have planned going forward?
We are currently building automations and integration between Mission Control and Copado to enable Endiem’s DevOps practices to align to our release management alongside our overall Mission Control solution.
We’ve also plans to leverage the scheduling features to a much greater extent for improved resource forecasting.

Favourite features and why?
From a Consultant’s perspective, Actions and Checklist management are excellent features because they keep us on track and on time.
From a PM’s perspective, Issues and Risks allow us to easily identify and track potential scope creep and allow everyone to be accountable.
From a Delivery Manager’s perspective, the Billing Events and A/R management features allow us to invoice promptly and get paid on time – these are key to our success.

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