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LinkedCar is an innovative start-up creating a world-class Customer First Mobility platform for the automotive industry, based on trusted Salesforce technology.

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Belgium, Europe

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Vehicle Automation

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What They Needed

What were you previously using for managing projects?
When we started up back in January 2020 we didn’t have a huge requirement for anything sophisticated, we were simply using Excel and a handful of other tools to manage our projects. This was definitely fit-for-purpose at the time, but as we grew we realized Excel wasn’t going to grow with us as we scaled. We also needed something Salesforce native.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Well, with Excel especially it was version control and authoring permissions. You had people jumping in and out of spreadsheets and it was impossible to keep track of who did what when, as well as finding historical information. It was also flawed from a security perspective. And as mentioned, we needed a tool that could scale with us, and Excel obviously could not provide that.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
We looked at a range of providers, but we wanted a solution based on Salesforce because we do everything in Salesforce, so it made sense to keep it on platform. We trialed a few and Mission Control was just the best fit. We were also lacking a 360 degree view which we couldn’t get using multiple project tools.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?
Mission Control had a very simple implementation, this was aided by our decision to have an internal resource that helped roll this out and champion adoption going forward.

How has Mission Control helped?
We really like it! Visibility has improved across the organization, every stakeholder can see project status.
Timesheets can be quite onerous, but Mission Control makes this function super easy.
Internally, we have more confidence in our projects, because we have better visibility of the progress and any risks that arise. Externally, our customers also have much more confidence in our projects because of the various features like the Gantt Chart, which provides more transparency and makes us look super professional.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?
We really haven’t needed much support as the product is quite intuitive, as well as the aforementioned internal champion, but the one or two times we have needed to reach out the answers have been responsive and well considered.

If you’re looking to track everything that is happening within your business and your projects this is a really handy add-on. I would absolutely recommend Mission Control.

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