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Watson Advisors

Two years ago Watson Advisors embarked on a digital transformation and review of their entire technology stack which included a new PSA platform. Florence, Project Lead, shares her insights on searching, implementing and finally using Mission Control.

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Vancouver, Canada

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Advisory and Governance

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What They Needed

What were you using prior to Mission Control?
Two years ago Watson embarked on a digital transformation and review of our entire technology stack.
While we were using a suite of what is considered to be best-in-class tools to manage projects, revenue, clients, and candidates – the tools were quite siloed and didn’t provide a central view of data and the cross-stack communication that we needed as a growing business.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Our biggest problem was incorporating and consolidating the functionality of a CRM, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool, and an Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS). We didn’t have one centralized place to see our customer or project data. In our old world, information existed in separate systems and we couldn’t create consolidated reports which impacted our ability to efficiently deliver our work and quickly analyze the health of the business.

We spent a lot of time researching potential solutions and discovered there weren’t many solutions that met all our requirements.Eventually, we were introduced to Salesforce and its ability to combine its power as a CRM with Mission Control and a Salesforce-native ATS tool.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
We were talking to a variety of different project management providers, which we eventually shortlisted down to Mission Control and Klient. We went with Mission Control due to its advertised flexibility to pick and choose what we needed and used within the app. Another seemingly large advantage of Mission Control over other providers we assessed was the apparent ease of implementation. Mission Control’s advertised flexibility and ease of implementation was confirmed once it came time to implement the solution. With no formal technology education, no background in technology implementation, and zero previous experience with the Salesforce ecosystem, I was able to implement what we needed from Mission Control with no help from external consultants and launch our solution on time. I am certain this was only possible due to the fantastic resources that Mission Control offers, including the detailed User Guide, and Mission Control’s helpful, patient, and responsive support team.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control helped?
Our previous revenue management process was primarily hosted in a share sheet and required hours of manual effort to maintain and update. We now use the Billing Event and Billing Event Item objects in Mission Control and the many built-in automations. This part of our technology transformation has had a noticeable impact on our ability to quickly and accurately create invoices and forecast revenue. Today, our CEO can go into our system at any time and have a good idea of what is expected to come through the door, now, tomorrow and over the coming months.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Mission Control?
From my interactions with your sales team, who took the time to understand our complex requirements and present Mission Control in a way that was relevant to our needs, to your support team who patiently supported me with my many questions while I implemented the technology, to your knowledge articles and webinars – I’ve been impressed with my experience with Mission Control.

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