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Odaseva protects against threats to help ensure business continuity, comply with data regulations, and easily move Salesforce data between orgs and outside systems.

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Pennsylvania, United States

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Enterprise Data Management & Protection

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What They Needed

What were you previously using to manage your projects?
We started out using MS Excel, while we were small that was essentially all we needed, but as we grew so did the scale, volume and complexity of our projects and requirements.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Challenges were many but one huge issue I recall was around onboarding new staff and trying to get these staff across Excel sheets that sat with various employees on their local devices and had unique formulas and formatting, which were only really decipherable to the original owner. This was creating confusion and inconsistencies across departments and teams.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
We’re a Salesforce shop and wanted something that was native to Salesforce, we aren’t in the business of building home grown solutions so that narrowed us down to the half a dozen credible providers that were on Salesforce AppExchange and from there we demoed and whittled it down to 3 serious contenders.

We compared these contenders on 4 critical requirements; we needed flexibility to do customisations, we needed a simple and straightforward UI, the pricing had to be fair and upfront, and the platform needed to allow our partners and contractors to work within and as a community – Mission Control ticked each one of these boxes.

Also Mission Control was one of the few providers that allowed a sandbox trial, so we were able to put it into practice and really get under the hood and identify any issues and gaps, which there weren’t, and surprisingly most other providers didn’t offer these trials, which speaks volumes.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control helped?
Using Mission Control project management software has allowed us to build a 360 degree view of our customer through Gantt Charts, project templates and various other critical features.

We have customer success, expert services and other departments in the business now using Mission Control which has taken away over a dozen spreadsheets that we used to use to manage our projects. Our utilization is climbing too, our people right now are 5%-8% more utilized, on a billable side, than prior to Mission Control.

Mission Control has also removed various overhead and status update meetings we used to run because the answers are sitting there in the tool and a lot less needs to be round tabled these days.

Sales efficiency has also improved, our sales team can now go and look at our project templates and find answers to client questions on timing and pricing and build and customisation, that previously were not available to them.

How has the solution been received internally?
We have various departments using and needing Mission Control for slightly different reasons and one of the great things about Mission Control is it’s versatility and that you can customize features; some teams love the whiteboard for example and some don’t and Mission Control allows us to toggle many of these features on and off based on departmental preferences and working rhythms.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?
The support has been fantastic, great response times, definitely well above average compared to other AppExchange providers we use. There’s a great knowledge repository and video training series that we use regularly.
The support has also been more than just transactional, there has been several instances where we’ve asked more consultative questions and needed help solving larger problems and the support there has been excellent too.

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