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Auckland, New Zealand

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Salesforce Consulting

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What They Needed

What were you previously using?
We started as a start-up and when I went out there looking for project management software I was aware of Cloud Couch and realised quickly that their software wasn’t for me, we also looked at Jira but we wanted something that was built on Salesforce and could connect all the objects together and do my billing and other requirements I had.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
We started with Mission Control and as we knew what we were and what lay ahead we really needed a decent tool from day one, to essentially avoid the challenges that you’re asking about that come from manual or more basic project management tools.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
We downloaded the trial and found it much richer in functionality than some of the other options we explored, it also gave us the ability to scale out to the team as well as platform licensing options. Mission Control had some handy features like Gantt charts, billing, scheduling, role utilization – it was a solution that would scale really well with our business. We never planned to use all the functionality from day 1, but as we’ve gotten busier and bigger we are starting to use some of the more advanced functionality that comes with Mission Control.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?
Setting up was straight forward, the biggest challenge was in figuring out what features we wanted to use and how these fit together. There was work that had to be done like how we manage calculations and formulas around our billing rates and project timing etc, and of course we had to make sure staff were using it and using it correctly, but all these teething issues were to be expected – and ran very smoothly.

How has Mission Control helped?
Mission Control provides us with all the data in a single view in Salesforce which helps us understand what’s going on with a particular project.
We’re not a typical customer I guess, in that we started from Day 1 with Mission Control, so hard to quantify the improvements, but if we were an organization that wasn’t using Mission Control and had separate time sheets, billing, task management etc – there would be significant time wastage and inefficiencies occurring, whereas now we enter things once and it flows through.

As a conservative estimate, Mission Control has improved (or saved) our efficiency by upwards of 300%.

Mission Control is also a future proof in some regard, we plan to scale and while we are getting great value from the software now, the real value will come when it’s embedded with us as we grow and we can plug in new features as we onboard new staff to improve our operational efficiency.

How has the solution been received internally?
Answers are typically received very quickly, absolutely no issues with Mission Control or the support the Aprika Team provide.

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