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Salesforce Project Management Software Client

What They Needed

What were you previously using?
We were using Asana and it just wasn’t working for how we operated. We found it was disconnected from the data as well as project and customer conversations that were happening in Salesforce.

We trialled one other Salesforce native SaaS solution and didn’t get a good feel for it, it wasn’t robust enough and it didn’t have the same level of endorsement I’d received on Mission Control from various contacts within my community.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
We were using a dozen different business and project tools as we went through our business evolution which impacted business visibility obviously, and once we became a Salesforce partner we wanted to look for something that was platform native so we could consolidate our business processes.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
First and foremost we established that it was fit for purpose from our initial investigations and trial, but there’s a fair amount of choice out there so then went out to the community for recommendations.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?
When we integrated we were quite small, so the adoption was more or less out of the box and we used mostly the standard project tools, but as our product knowledge and confidence started to grow so did our feature utilisation – adopting more advanced profitability and scheduling tools.

How has Mission Control helped?
Realising there were gaps in our processes, we implemented Mission Control as it is scalable and allows for increased visibility across our projects, especially when monitoring billable vs non-billable transactions. As our number of projects increase, we can now manage them by allocating resources based on the skills and capacity available. Mission Control has provided us with a simple tool to streamline our processes and stay within our budget.

Have you realised a quantifiable impact of the investment?
We don’t have a lot of historical data on the commercial impact of Mission Control, chiefly because our legacy systems didn’t provide this transparency, but currently with Mission Control we have a 90% project deadline adherence and a 15% increase in project budgets met – numbers we’re super pleased with.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?
Mission Control’s support has been super quick, super responsive, we use their knowledge base which is excellent. If there has been any issues they’ve been really transparent and we’ve even had suggestions in the past that have ended up on the roadmap which shows us that one they are listening and two the interactions are genuine.

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