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Lumary is a Healthcare Platform provider and Technology Service Partner for digital transformation, integration, and success. They are a customer-centric care management system powered by the world’s number 1 SaaS platform Salesforce.

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Adelaide, Australia

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NDIS, Aged & Disability Care Software

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Salesforce Project Management Software Client

What They Needed

What project management tools were you previously using?
Much of our delivery was being managed externally so initially there wasn’t a great need for project management software. But when we made the decision to bring delivery back in house we knew we needed a tool that could help us support that decision. As an interim measure (while we were looking) we started using tools such as SmartSheet as a stop-gap. Additionally, our product teams work Agile and use Jira, but we realised that wouldn’t be fit for purpose for our delivery team.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
Well firstly, we needed something on-platform, something that was native to Salesforce.
We assessed over 20 different software solutions across a number of metrics including:

  • Project and Utilisation Reporting
  • Tasks, Dashboard and Kanban views
  • Integration with other billing products and Zendesk
  • Salesforce Native
  • Resource Planning
  • Risk and Issue Tracking
  • Project Templates

And a number of others…Mission Control ticked more of these boxes than anyone we spoke with or trialled, so it was a pretty simple choice once we had pushed all the providers through our shortlisting prerequisites.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?
We did a lot of the implementation ourselves, and while we use Salesforce day in day out, we did find the implementation very intuitive and understood very quickly which tools and features we needed to use. Integration, configuration and data mapping took us around 6 weeks all up – quite an impressive turnaround for a SaaS tool of this scale.

How has Mission Control helped?

In a variety of ways. We didn’t have a view on time sheeting prior to Mission Control, we do now and that’s feeding into resource planning and recruitment planning, which is creating sophistication and efficiency gains for the business.
Mission Control has also helped us automate our billing which now gets triggered off milestones and pushes straight through to Salesforce billing.
Lastly, Mission Control has given us a better view of our projects as a whole. When we bought project delivery in-house we knew we needed a robust system that could scale with the volume of projects and staff we have – there was no point onboarding a tool in place that could look after the business in its current state, we needed to be confident that our chosen tool could match up to the growth plans we had for people and projects, and we believe that in Mission Control we have that scalability.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?
The best thing is that we’ve rarely had to use support, fundamentally the tool is working as we’d hoped and any time we’ve had to reach out with questions – we’ve found the support very good and got the answers we wanted.

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