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Naviant had outgrown their legacy workflow platforms that were not allowing them to scale and best serve their customers. They onboarded Mission Control and have experienced several positive impacts in billing efficiency, automated communications, single source reporting and project efficiency.

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Wisconsin, USA

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Business Process Automation

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What They Needed

What were you previously using?

We originally started our journey in 2021 looking to replace Timelinx, which was our project management solution at the time. TimeLinx had served us well but we were starting to outgrow where we needed to go. So we started to take a high level look at a number of products including LiquidPlanner, Mavenlink, NetSuite Success, Planview, and Time Grid before the scope of the project expanded to evaluate CRM and Accounting solutions. At that point, Project Management took a pause with regard to the focus of the evaluation while we also researched best of breed CRM & Accounting solutions. When we expanded the scope of the evaluation, we were open to one of two possibilities: 1) selecting and integrating best-of-breed solutions or 2) selecting and implementing an end-to-end solution. As the evaluation progressed, it became apparent that #2 was going to be the appropriate direction for Naviant given our company size and direction for use of internal IT resources.


What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?

Project governance was difficult as we couldn’t fully tell where a project was at all times. We’d have team meetings where project colleagues would get each other up to speed on their various portions of the project just to get a status baseline. There were also many manual steps to generate needed reporting and we had too many processes that relied on human intervention.


Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?

The reason for initially looking for a new CRM and PM platform was part of an overall corporate initiative as we had outgrown our legacy products that were not allowing us to scale and best serve our customers. We evaluated a number of solutions for our CRM, and eventually selected Salesforce. The Salesforce implementation team recommended Mission Control for project management. We evaluated it and it met most of our key criteria. We had already looked at Mavenlink, which is also in the Salesforce ecosystem.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control helped?

Most critically, we have data at our fingertips now that allows our business to run more effectively. We’ve had great success with the tool, especially when it comes to support level projects. Support teams are logging and tracking time all of their time in a far more efficient manner as Mission Control integrates very well with our support Case process in Salesforce.

The quality with which we provide service has also improved. Every Friday we lead a call where our project colleagues pull up a list of all projects with traffic light status updates that everyone can see. We can see how many billed hours by each department so we can track to budget.

We’re also able to leverage Mission Control features and document mid-flight checks and post-mortems, closing down a project, talking through challenges and successes. We run through every project and do a re-cap, what do we need to change internally in order to improve – it’s hard to quantify the dollar impact of this, but we know it’s adding value. We’re also able to trigger an email on project close that allows our Customer Success Advisors to reach out to the customer and check in, again hard to quantify commercially, but we know that builds our customer relationships, which adds huge value to our customers and our business.

Another great thing is Mission Control’s flexibility. We can make layout changes, make functionality changes, to do that on our previous tool we’d need to get a developer to manage it, and it became almost its own project.

From the Accounting perspective, having Salesforce, Accounting Seed and Mission Control all in the one spot has provided billing efficiency, automated communications and single source reporting. It’s created several processing efficiencies and eliminated the manual work and cross platform data analysis that happened previously.


How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?


Throughout our onboarding we worked closely with their support team, especially Lexi, who was always very responsive and spot on with her support. We also used their LiveChat extensively, and there was never an issue that was ignored. It was a great support experience and we were able to get a lot done during the onboarding process very quickly. The knowledge documentation is thorough and in most cases we were able to self service before heading to LiveChat.

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