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Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a global distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical products, serving more than 100,000 locations. They also manufacture medical and surgical products, including gloves, surgical apparel, and fluid management products.

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Colorado, USA

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Salesforce Project Management Software Client

What They Needed

What were you previously using?

We had different departments using different tools, some staff were using MS Project, others were using custom Excel spreadsheets. We did have some basic Salesforce object we used for reporting which was fine, but it was just another tool to be across. We also had project notes going through emails and Teams etc.


What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?

There was a lack of visibility into most of our projects for the leaders of our PMO who didn’t have one place to stay abreast of project status. There was also a lot of verbal communication, so overall visibility cross functionally was difficult.

We also had a lack of reporting and customer facing materials, and if there was any, it was very manual.

There was also a lack of standardization across our projects, due to different functions using different tools.


Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?

We were looking at a few options, as a collective group we really wanted an app partnership that was natively embedded within Salesforce. We also needed something flexible that allowed us to add custom objects, two boxes that Mission Control definitely ticked. It really was the Rolls Royce of Project Management apps based on feature set and relevance.


We looked at building our own solution and we looked at a couple of Mission Control competitors – but once we saw Mission Control’s scale and scope we realized we wouldn’t be able to get close to building something that met the brief, so it was ultimately a very good decision not to build.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?

Technical integration was easy and straightforward, but the real highlight was how flawlessly our team onboarded to the solution thanks to the various resources that Mission Control provided us. The knowledge base articles and user guides enabled us to install the software within a day and customise the platform to suit our ways of working.


How has Mission Control helped?

Our visibility and reporting has improved significantly. We have improved transparency on our project scope and billable hours to projects. Also our administrative work has reduced significantly.

We’ve improved our cross-collaboration as well, we’ve been able to use our resources better which is especially important considering our remote and geographically diverse project members.


How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?

The support has been exceptional…period. Best in class. Generally the knowledge resources are more than sufficient, but if ever need support I can open a ticket and get a great, considered response back in very quick time.

Having that responsive support has really elevated platform trust within the project team and increased adoption and utilization of Mission Control.

If any company is using Salesforce and wanting to have a project management solution I would be happy to recommend Mission Control.

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