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ComplyNZ were managing their projects through a variety of disparate solutions and needed a platform that could consolidate their workflows and provide improved internal and external visibility and reporting. Moderno Solutions managed both the implementation and onboarding of Salesforce and Mission Control. Here they share their insights.

Location – 

Auckland, New Zealand

Industry – 

Construction Compliance

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What They Needed

What were ComplyNZ previously using?
ComplyNZ wanted to consolidate a number of tools they were using into one centralized platform. They were using ProWorkflow and WorkflowMax as well as a number of Google Suite and Microsoft Products.

What challenges were they facing before adopting Mission Control?
They were entering data into numerous places, for example monitoring time-on-job on one, ProWorkflow, and then entering the same data and managing charge outs in WorkflowMax. ComplyNZ were also allocating work and running other administration through Google Sheets. So now they have consolidated this work, and other activities into Salesforce and Mission Control.

They also used WorkflowMax for reporting but have found the reporting out of Salesforce and Mission Control to be 100 times better. “It’s much better than we ever thought it could be.”

Why did ComplyNZ choose Mission Control?
Salesforce introduced Moderno to ComplyNZ. Moderno have implemented Mission Control and Salesforce many times so Salesforce were confident enough to trust that they would manage the opportunity.
ComplyNZ’s Technology Manager had previous exposure to Salesforce so he was instrumental in going down that path and he was looking for a project tool that would then work natively with Salesforce. ComplyNZ explored a few platforms but from the research they’d done and the referral Moderno made, Mission Control was an easy decision in the end.
“We had Trevor and Colin at Aprika supporting throughout client discovery, and they’ve always been helpful in supporting the implementation and just being there for our or client Q&A.”

Mission Control have a fairly broad suite of features, and the beauty of Mission Control is its adaptability. This was especially helpful for ComplyNZ as they are a very unique organization, with complex requirements.
Testing and design took longer than expected due to this complexity, but feedback on implementation and now utilization has been very positive.
Post formal implementation ComplyNZ has been doing some elements themselves as the Mission Control enablement material is very helpful.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?

Jira is fundamentally a ticket-based storyboard or reporting solution and wasn’t suitable or scalable to help us manage a fast-growing business, multiple projects and a large number of employees.

How We Helped

What was the service work or project scope?
Moderno stated that there was quite a lot of work up front mapping their requirements and returning with initial design concepts. Lot’s of UAT, lots of 1:1 time gathering requirements and testing concepts. Moderno then progressed into build and implementation and from there, onto deployment and training.
Gareth from Moderno added “There’s been some ongoing post support enablement to manage and of course Sandie has spent time upskilling herself and done a fantastic job in enabling herself and the wider organization in using Salesforce and Mission Control.”

“The Mission Control support team has always been excellent. Whether it’s been ComplyNZ, or any other clients we’ve implemented, our interactions with support and pre-sales has always been supportive and responsive. The knowledge base has been a great asset too.”

Has ComplyNZ seen any improvements?
Sandie from Comply NZ said “We have 100% transparency now, so really have our finger on the pulse. Internal management and reporting is significantly better. We can see trends we couldn’t see before. Reporting has significantly improved too.
Timesheeting through Mission Control has been a huge plus, we’re spending less time correcting timesheets and there’s less incorrect tasks being invoiced out which has been really cool“

Gareth at Moderno added “ComplyNZ are blown away with Mission Control, it’s a quantum leap from Workflowmax, it’s consolidated numerous workflows and spreadsheets and there’s so much they can do collaboratively now. We love the product and use it ourselves and we’re very comfortable positioning it and implementing it.
We work with dozens of platform vendors, some great and some not so great, but I can comfortably say that Mission Control are certainly on the Christmas card list.“

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