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Fast Cloud Consulting is an official Consulting Partner. With offices in the United States and Latin America the business focuses on helping the clients of our clients achieve success via the platform.

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Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Customer

What They Needed

What were you previously using?
We were previously using a combination of multiple information sources for tracking projects.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
We wanted to consolidate all these information sources as we had one system for tracking worked hours, another one for project tasks and milestones and another one for general client information. It just wasn’t working.

What options did you consider?
We considered Jira, MS Project and PSA from Salesforce Labs.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
We have a single source of truth, as it is integrated with our Salesforce CRM. We have been able to scale and manage our diverse projects portfolio, from small support request to international Project implementations. We like the fact that it is a cloud solution and everybody in the company has real-time information. When we started working with Mission Control, we were a company of 7 people. Today, we exceeded 40 people in 9 countries and growing.

Favorite feature and why?

The Create Actions function on the Project object. It helps me to quickly build a project, together with Milestones, Activities, Dependencies, Recurrences, responsible and other features in a single view.

What do you have planned going forward?
Keep growing the company and expand to more countries with he help of Mission Control and our talented team of consultants.

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