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Nebraska, USA

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Marketing Consultancy

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Salesforce Project Management Software Client

What They Needed

What were you previously using?
We’ve experienced significant growth over the last few years, both by design and also acquisition, and businesses we’ve acquired over the journey have generally brought in process and project tools they use so it’s been a bit of a patch work of tools we use and tools acquired businesses use – many of them doing the same thing. Some of these tools have included Basecamp, ActiveCollab and a range of task/time management apps – many inevitably doing the same thing.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
Reporting, budget planning, project planning – even key metrics around project status and success we didn’t have great visibility on. For example, knowing ahead of time – or even mid-project – how we were going with regards to our deliverables, will this come in on on-time, within scope and within budget.

Why did you choose Aprika’s Mission Control?
We researched project management tools that integrated with Salesforce. There was a lot that could pull data in and out of Salesforce but not many that were natively built on the Salesforce platform. We trialled a few and Mission Control had the best features and fit of the ones we explored.

How We Helped

How was the software integration?
Setting it up was really easy. We really appreciated the support and speed with which Mission Control was onboarded.

How has Mission Control helped?
Fundamentally it’s saved us time, it’s consolidated many workflows and provided more consistency in the organisation.
While we aren’t using all the features of Mission Control yet, even the ones we are using are definitely helping us get to that place and that level of sophistication that we need to be at.

How would you rate your interactions with the team at Aprika?
The support is great, I get answers really quickly. I do ask fairly complex, consultative questions occasionally and they always provide really good answers, so I really appreciate the support we’ve received.

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