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Mission Control releases latest update – v1.64

Mission Control v1.64 just dropped on the Salesforce AppExchange and this article dives into some of the amazing new features and exciting new enhancements included in our latest release!

Skills Development Planning

One of the most exciting new features in the v1.64 update is the new skills development planning. It will help you track the development planning of your individual roles. The Skills Development plan is accessible from the Role Record and allows you to carry out an assessment of the individual person, taking into account all the Skills that they have. It keeps a track of their enjoyment and proficiency of their tasks and skills as well as allowing their piers to perform an assessment of those people as well.

When reviewing all feedback, you have the ability to view the Average Rating across all assessors, specify an Agreed Rating and choose to have the Enjoyment Factor and Agreed Rating update the Skill Assignment record values.

If during the assessment it is agreed that the Role is interested in developing a new Skill that they’re not currently assigned to, you are able to click the + icon located on the right-hand side of the Skill Assessment section of the page.
This will open up the ‘New Skill Assignment’ Modal where you can specify the Skill, Billable Hourly Rate, Cost Hourly Rate, etc.

There is also an Insights Tab that provides you with the ability to view a variety of metrics from up to 5 Development Plans for an individual Role. This can help identify whether a person’s ability is improving or declining for particular Skills.

Skills Matrix Reporting


The ‘Skills Matrix’ Report can be found within the ‘Mission Control Reports’ Folder in the Reports Tab. This report enables Customers to view a matrix of Skills assigned to Active Roles.

The report provides insight into the Proficiency and Enjoyment Factor of each Role for the Skills assigned to them.

Mass Assigning Skills