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Mission Control Version 1.67 Release


The latest version of Mission Control (Version 1.67) has just been released on the Salesforce AppExchange. You can read up on all the updates in the main Release Notes. In this article, we take a look at some of the key features being introduced.

Auto Assignment Wizard

The Auto Assignment Wizard is an exciting inclusion to an already extensive suite of tools within Mission Control to help with Resource Management. It allows you to easily identify and automatically assign the most appropriate Roles to a Project based on defined criteria including Capacity, Team Membership, Skill set, Skill Proficiency and Enjoyment Factor.


The Auto Assignment Wizard provides an efficient method of assigning multiple Roles across an entire Project. It uses weighted priorities allocated to various parameters to save Resource Managers from having to manually search for the most appropriate / available resources within the business.

You have the option to automatically assign resources or you can view a list of recommendations based on how well they match the requirements for the Project.

Role Forecast Conversion

Another feature that will provide an additional boost in efficiency is the Role Forecast Conversion. If you’ve already created Role Forecasts for your resources whilst scoping out the effort required to deliver a particular Opportunity, you’re now able to convert those into Actions on your Project at the click of a button.


The real power behind this feature is that any manual distribution of effort across the working day period that was scheduled at the Role Forecast level will automatically be applied to the Actions.

Project JSON Export / Import

The other key new feature we believe will be a time saving dream for any Project Manager is the JSON Export/Import feature. Mission Control customers have the ability to import/export JSON files from the Gantt Chart.