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Salesforce Winter Release 2024 Guide: Key Dates, New Features and More

It’s almost winter, which means it’s almost time for a new Salesforce release!

The main dates for Salesforce’s Winter Release 2024 have been revealed, and as usual, the platform will include exciting new features and enhancements. Final GA is scheduled for October 16, 2023.

The Winter ’24 Release will assist businesses with data streamlining, tech stack operations that are secure and effective, and workflow and data connectivity automation.

Some of the other highlights include Einstein for Service, Sales Emails, Data Cloud Triggered Flows, Slack Sale Elevate, Salesforce Backup, and Pay Now for Salesforce Starter.

Let’s examine the features of the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release in more detail, along with the key dates you should note down.


August 16th
The release notes were published on August 16 and early access for organizations using Developer Edition environments on August 21.

August 25
The sandbox preview began, giving companies the chance to test new features against their own customizations.

September 14
Release readiness admin preview at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference.

September 1, October 6, and October 13
The Winter ’24 features will be made available. Each of these dates represents a release window for different production environments to provide your organization with full feature availability.

Below is a quick breakdown of all the major features and enhancements:

To examine Tableau views within CRM Analytics dashboard components, use custom filters. Discover Slack’s enhanced Home tab and new slash commands. View the Slack channels that get notifications and subscriptions in custom subscription reports. Get widget interactions with only one click and share reports on mobile devices.

Commerce Cloud enhancements include new and updated features for B2B and D2C Commerce, Omnichannel Inventory, Salesforce Order Management, and Salesforce Payments.

Report on custom permission set and permission set group assignments. Use Dynamic Forms on hundreds more LWC-enabled standard objects.

Data Cloud
Manage the availability of a variety of features in your account. Enable Data Cloud objects and insights on your Contact or Lead standard or custom fields. Explore expanded record home page view customizations.

Whether you’re using Lightning components, Visualforce, Apex, or Salesforce APIs with your favorite programming language, these enhancements help you develop amazing applications, integrations, and packages for resale to other organizations.

Get ready to work smarter with all that Einstein has to offer. Einstein enhancements include new and updated AI-powered features across Search, Commerce, Field Service, Sales, and Service. Plus, view all of our generative AI innovations in one place.

Einstein Generative AI
Learn more about how Einstein generative AI can supercharge productivity across all of our clouds. Salesforce’s generative AI features are released as often as monthly, so check back again soon for their latest and greatest solutions. Features included in the September ’23 monthly release become available when Winter ’24 rolls out to your org.

Enablement and Guidance
Deliver enablement programs focused on improving revenue outcomes for your company. Guide users to curated resources that can help them excel. Bring learning, career growth, skills development, and business-critical job performance to your users where they work in Salesforce.

Experience Cloud
Connect your improved LWR site to any workspace and share CMS material there. All of your newly created LWR sites are now improved. Other improvements to improved LWR include the ability to add custom CSS to any site component using Experience Builder and the ability to apply flexible expression-based visibility rules to your components using custom logic. The global style sheet for the website is also readily accessible and editable via a new folder in the DigitalExperiencesBundle. Experience more effective and secure authentication for all of your Experience Cloud sites. You can also test the effects of turning off your site’s content delivery network on your production org by using your sandbox organisation.

Field Service

Mobile employees are updated about job instructions using AI-generated briefs. Use work capacity to manage the hours of your busy workforce and a flow to make the transition to the Enhanced Scheduling and Optimisation engine simple. Dedicated dispatchers may produce work more quickly because to the redesigned Gantt and user interface. With a variety of asset attribute functionalities, stay up to date on maintenance requirements. Make papers uniquely yours to promote your brand. Analyse the Value dashboard’s statistics to find out what makes the Visual Remote Assistant so efficient. Mobile improvements assist employees in handling data input jobs that are prone to errors. Creating a personalised tab bar that fits the needs of your mobile workforce can also help to optimise procedures.

Hyperforce is the next-generation Salesforce infrastructure architecture built for the public cloud. It provides Salesforce applications with compliance, security, privacy, agility, and scalability and gives customers more choice over data residency.

Salesforce is shaped to your company’s demands by industry solutions, which minimises the need for you to do things yourself. Context Service and Outcome Management are currently offered on a broad scale. Utilise Consumer Goods Cloud to organise more effective promotions and increase store engagement. Thanks to Data Cloud, Financial Services Cloud can now better organise both internal and external data. Keep tabs on grant recipients’ spending using Grantmaking. With Marketing Cloud Engagements, Health Cloud can now import its CRM data into Marketing Cloud. Utilise Manufacturing Cloud to automate and enhance the adjudication process for warranty claims. Plan the social effect of your business with Nett Zero Cloud’s materiality evaluations. Salesforce Contracts allows you to manage the whole lifetime of contracts. Numerous updates have also been made to Salesforce for the Education Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Media Cloud, Common Features for Industries, and many more areas.

Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journeys. It enables you to build a single view of your customer, leveraging data from any source. Plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives. Deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time. Measure the impact of each interaction on your business so that you can optimize your approach in real time and deliver better results.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Make your Engagement Studio programs more precise with wait times less than a day. Copy assets from sandbox to production business units with API V5 for Flow, and free up system bandwidth by removing old visitor activity records.

Salesforce Mobile App Plus now supports searching Briefcase for records, more easily accessible swipe actions on the Landing Page, list filters on the Landing Page, and quicker address configuration. Define your Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud app’s default URL behavior and location-based permissions and push notifications. Use Briefcase Builder to apply custom metadata types to your mobile workforce’s offline record experience.

Roll out Subscription Management quoting features selectively, without disrupting existing business processes. Give reps a centralized and consolidated view of assets for an account, and control order product conversion to assets. Salesforce CPQ now supports only standard quotes, and the Lightning Web Component rich text editor replaced CKEditor.

In Winter ’24, give your sales teams an extra boost with new tools and productivity insights. Thanks to Einstein, customers of Einstein Conversation Insights may now generate call summaries with just a single click. See if the appropriate parties are participating in transactions to support sales representatives in Pipeline Inspection. Obtain a thorough history of all the modifications made to teams, opportunity product splits, and opportunity splits to guarantee correctness and proper remuneration of sales team members. Give your sales teams the head start they need in Enablement to complete transactions, generate opportunities, and contribute to your company’s revenue targets by providing them with all the product and process expertise they need.

Salesforce CMS
Find details for CMS content and translation export and import on the new Export & Import status tab. Publish content from CMS workspaces to enhanced sites and public channels. In enhanced CMS workspaces, prevent users from unpublishing content with dependencies. Assign workflows by content type, and automatically publish or unpublish content.

Salesforce Flow
Compose intelligent workflows with Flow Builder, OmniStudio, and Flow Orchestration. Integrate across any system with Flow Integration.

Salesforce for Slack Integrations
Use Slack and Salesforce together to connect with customers, track progress, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver team success from anywhere.

Security, Identity, and Privacy
Domain enhancements are mandated. Assist users in switching to your new URLs and get ready for certain redirections to terminate. For the third wave of organisations, multi-factor authentication auto-enablement is in place. Create 2GP packageable external client applications or local ones. Increase the use of Headless identification by implementing password-free login, guest user identification, and headless registration enhancements. With additional analytics, keep an eye on tenant licence use data and login IP ranges. Check the instance that your renters are using. Discover the latest Privacy Centre application. Use JWT authentication methods or OAuth 2.0 client credentials to configure external credentials for server-to-server connectivity. Permit users to edit external and named credentials by assigning them the new Manage Named Credentials permission. Additionally, use the new Group Membership Event and inadequate Access Event types to handle changes to group membership and inadequate access attempts.

Check out new features that enable customer service agents to work faster and more productively across customer service channels. These features include Einstein for Service, Service Intelligence, Feedback Management, Service Catalog, Customer Service Incident Management, Swarming, Routing and Self-Service
Prepare your business, employees, and facilities. Respond to major events, such as the current COVID-19 crisis, with the apps and services in

Other Salesforce Products and Services
Get the latest information on features from Customer Success Group, Heroku, and IdeaExchange.

Salesforce Winter 2024 release summary and what the release means for Mission Control

The Salesforce Winter Release ’24 offers a wide range of new and enhanced features across various industries and areas of the Salesforce platform. From Sales and Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud and Analytics, these updates will provide more efficient and effective ways to manage your business and customer interactions.
The addition of new products and tools, such as Einstein for Service, Sales Emails, Data Cloud Triggered Flows, Slack Sale Elevate, Pay Now for Salesforce Starter, and Salesforce Backup shows that Salesforce is committed to advancing its AI capabilities and creating more integrated and customizable solutions.
While these features will significantly improve Salesforce UX there aren’t any major adjustments for Mission Control users, but it is comforting to know that the technology (Salesforce) that underpins our platform is constantly innovating and investing in their product and future, which further strengths our longevity and security as a Partner as well as the overall UX for our customers.
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