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If you are looking at Mission Control and need some help with your change management strategy, we have some great tools for you to utilize to make the change a seamless one.

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Whether you’re considering Mission Control as part of a larger digital transformation or simply looking for project management platform to cater for a specific need, your organization will need to plot out the various steps in choosing, implementing and then using our software.

Together with our change management consultancy, Allegra, we’ve built a guide to help your business transition.

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Free Discovery Session with Allegra

In addition to this handy resource, Allegra are also offering free discovery sessions to help you roadmap the critical success factors of organisational change that your organization may be faced with in either onboarding new technology into an existing stack or indeed, going through wholesale digital transformation.

Learning Objectives
What it is

A cost and obligation free 2 hour discovery workshop designed to unpack your businesses readiness, appetite and pathway to change.

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Anyone that is involved in planning, approving or implementing change including frontline supervisors, middle management, senior directors, project managers, tech administrators, operational staff etc

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Free Change Management Discovery Session with Allegra

Simply fill out your details below to reserve your space and secure a place on our FREE Change management discover session. 

Discover the business and economic impacts of Mission Control

Our clients have achieved an average 6,000% ROI on their Mission Control investment, click below to read more and the opportunity to download the full report. 

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