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El Dorado Hills, California,

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The engineering operations of KloudOne are located in Perungudi, with the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley. We provide premier Silicon Valley businesses high-quality Product/Engineering Cloud Platform Services. We don't offer services for generic programming. We set high standards for both our team members and ourselves. In the following ways, we stand apart from other major offshore service providers We think that every professional should be accountable for their actions and provide high-quality work. We think that team size is not nearly as significant as individual and team quality. We think that superior attention and critical thinking are significantly more crucial than years of expertise. We produce high-quality goods. Visit KloudLearn, our Next-Generation E-Learning Platform, and AccuKnox, our Container Security Platform. Please check out our blogs here and our presentation here. You will love KloudOne if you would enjoy working in a smaller, flatter, less overhead (instead of bureaucratic, hierarchical firm), and technically challenging (instead of process driven) company.

El Dorado Hills, California,

0 Certifications

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