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Manureva Solutions India PVT LTD

Tamil Nadu Inde,

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With the Salesforce Product Development programme, we provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in a variety of fields: Conceptualisation, Value Prop Architecture, UX Design Development, Quality Assurance, Release Management, and Security Review Listing, trials, and demo for AppExchange Optimising the Product Support Package Review Marketing Assistance MANUREVA is an independent, French-managed/Indian-based software development service provider offering the best level of customer care for tasks and AppExchangeTM Software Vendor goods globally. The SALESFORCETM world's software editors and integrators are MANUREVA's principal customers. Senior developers are "hard to find"; MANUREVA hires them. Through our internal academy, which offers specialised and individualised instruction that crosses Western and Indian cultures and languages, we assist them. Time-based project facilitation is made possible by MANUREVA by using its distinctive culture, management, agility, and talent sourcing methods inside the SALESFORCETM partner ecosystem.

Tamil Nadu Inde,

0 Certifications

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