With approximately 8,462 (and counting!) project management methodologies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your organization? Find the best approach for your project with our handy eBook on popular project management frameworks.

Project methodologies help project managers organize and keep track of their projects. They provide a system of management that lets you see what is working on the project and what needs intervention.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The most popular project methodologies including Agile, Waterfall, Lean, PMI/PMBOK, and Critical Path Method.
  • What each methodology is, when it might be helpful for your business, how to implement it, and the pros and cons.

Why use a project management methodology?

Thousands of projects are created and completed every day across different teams, organizations, and industries. The variety of projects and processes necessitate a variety of methodologies for effective management and execution.

A project management methodology is a system of principles, techniques, and procedures used to plan, execute and manage projects. By adopting a project management methodology, your company will be able to reduce risks and increase the chances of success for your project. You’ll also be able to deliver more projects on time and within budget—hence meeting or exceeding the expectations of all project stakeholders.

Project management frameworks also enable organizations to quickly adapt to new challenges and utilize their limited resources in the best way possible, to achieve continuous success.

Organizations that use a standard framework have more confidence that the project is carried out in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner, that will lead to quality results.

How this eBook can help you:

If it’s not obvious by now, learning the most popular project management methodologies will help you create, lead and manage better projects for you and your team. We believe that finding the right project management framework to suit your project needs shouldn’t be rocket science.

In this eBook, deep-dive into the most popular methodologies:

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Lean
  • Critical Path Method.

We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of each methodology and how they work. You will come out feeling much more confident about which frameworks, principles, and approaches you can use for each team and project within your organization.

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