IntelliMail: Delivering business intelligence direct to your inbox!2 min read

It’s been a few weeks since the last blog entry, but don’t worry – it’s not because we’ve been sitting around doing nothing, we’ve been busily getting our new product, IntelliMail ready for launch.

What’s IntelliMail?

Well, it’s our new product that was launched on the AppExchange ( on the 3rd October 2011. It lets you distribute Dashboards and Reports within your Salesforce via email to members of your team who do not have a user license.

Anyone who uses Salesforce will undoubtedly rely on its reports and dashboards to see how well the business is performing against KPIs. These reports and dashboards are a great feature of a fantastic system – the only downside is they are only accessible by staff who have a user license. Our experience shows us that very few organisations have 100% user license penetration, more typically, it’s around the 25-40% mark. This means that up to 75% of staff don’t have access to such important information.

This is where IntelliMail can help. Using IntelliMail will enable you to distribute any of your Salesforce Dashboards and Reports to any number of recipients. It could be that you want to send the business performance dashboard to the board on a monthly basis, or perhaps you want to keep the sales team up to date on a daily basis on support issues. With IntelliMail, you can – even if they don’t have a Salesforce license!!

How does it work?

You can start distributing your business intelligence in a few short steps. First, using the Domain Manager, you authenticate a domain so email addresses for that domain can receive Analytics (Dashboards / Reports). Next, you select the appropriate Analytic within the Distribution Manager, activate it for distribution and finally, you add an email address to the list of Recipients.

What’s the benefit?

Using IntelliMail will let you rest assured knowing all of your staff are