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Consulting Building and Construction

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Salesforce Project Management Software - Mission Control Customer

What They Needed

What were you previously using?
We were previously using a combination of in-house bespoke development used in conjunction with multiple spreadsheets.

What challenges were you facing before using Mission Control?
The in-house system was focused on managing project financials, the rest of the project management functions relied on spreadsheets and documents. There was no single source of truth and the lack of integration made it very time consuming to provide reports, especially on portfolios of projects.

What options did you consider?
We looked at over 35 SaaS solutions.

How We Helped

How has Mission Control Helped?
Mission Control sits on our Salesforce Platform, which is integrated to our non-Salesforce finance system. This delivers us a fully integrated solution – one source of truth. Mission Control provides all project management functions directly into the hands of our project managers and to the BRANZ management team. Reporting on projects and portfolios of projects is simple and always up to date.

What do you have planned going forward?
BRANZ will progressively leverage the full capabilities of Mission Control to simplify internal project administration and reporting effort. This will allow efforts to be focused on delivering better outcomes for our customers.

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