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akaCRM, the Salesforce Services division of SIG

San Diego, CA, United States,

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Since 2009, akaCRM has been a top partner and is the Salesforce Services branch of Strata Information Group (SIG). For Education Cloud/EDA/Student Success Hub, Nonprofits – NPSP, and Education Cloud, akaCRM is recognised as a EXPERT partner. For top Salesforce® partner-based solutions, such as Conga (Gold Partner – Composer, Grid, Sign and Conga Contracts), Blackthorn, FormAssembly, Formstack, Mogli, OnceHub, Prolifiq, RIVA, Slack, and Spanning, akaCRM offers consultancy, system setup, and training. In a variety of sectors, our company has completed more than 3,200 projects, including: * Education * Agriculture/Environmental Services * Business Services * Consumer Products/Services * Energy * Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management) * Healthcare Life Sciences (MedTech) * Legal (CLM) * Manufacturing Equipment * Media/Telecom * Nonprofits * Real Estate/Construction * Software Technology * Transportation Customers of akaCRM may be found in the UK, Canada, and 48 of the United States.

San Diego, CA, United States,

0 Certifications

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