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Alicorn Consulting Ltd

London, UK,

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Using the strength of Salesforce, Alicorn Digital empowers organisations by providing effective business solutions. We deliver projects including the Salesforce Platform's Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, Field Service, Pardot, Commerce OMS, and custom designed solutions. Our methodology enables us to carry out profitable projects by: – Concentrating on generating company value: achieving success the first time. We will identify critical process areas and concentrate our efforts on these process groups to deliver impact where it counts most throughout the discovery phase and in the lead-up to the requirements workshops. – Making the method effective: Our guiding principle is to make things easy when it comes to your procedure. On this front, we shall be proactively challenging! – Concentrating on value Unless they demonstrate significant value to the business or a particular form of innovation, we will challenge excessive changes from the usual method and solution. – Making decisions quickly: Agree on the decision-makers from the customer, who must be people who are regarded by the business and IT and have the authority to rapidly decide on scope, money, and time.

London, UK,

0 Certifications

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