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Arbola, Inc.

Alexandria, VA,

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For both internal operations and public portals, ARBOLA has created several specialised systems for public bodies. We are experts in creating solid business requirements, efficient work processes, and excellent system designs. Additionally, ARBOLA has demonstrated a great aptitude for developing solutions for systems that include additional 3rd party plug-ins and make use of the most recent products, such as the brand-new Field Service Lightning. QA testing, training, requirements gathering, design, mockups, configuration, and custom code development have all been a part of Salesforce project effort. Some of the following tasks have been performed during these deployments: Management of Application Intake, Inspections, and Legal Matters Asset Management Plan Review and Enforcement in Court Systems Case and client management in licencing systems Audit of bus routeing and tracking Public Events Calendar Combined Community Data Call Centre for CTI Integration Aid Desk Project Management/Assessment Workflow Automation Contract Administration eSignature Online Planning Public Websites Employer Application Quickstarts for Workforce Re-Entry Projects

Alexandria, VA,

0 Certifications

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