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Melbourne, Australia,

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What our clients have to say about us is as follows: "It is quite uncommon to find a consulting partner who genuinely understands our complicated business demands and applies best practises to address issues. One of such uncommon partners is Blaze Your Trail. In addition to taking the time, they went above and above to make sure that any earlier workarounds were cleared out and that the necessary capacity was created to continue providing high-quality CRM management in the future. In our opinion, Blaze Your Trail is the sole implementation partner you should work with from beginning to end if you need the NPSP from Salesforce. Bayley House, Justin Bruce When it came to creating a Salesforce fundraising module for our little organisation, Blaze Your Trail was a pleasure to work with. They took the time to carefully evaluate our demands and explore potential options; they created a comprehensive proposal for consideration; and they effectively communicated throughout the project's execution. They performed an excellent job of explaining everything in simple words and were ready to troubleshoot and provide answers at all times. Canberra's Roundabout's Hannah Andrevski

Melbourne, Australia,

0 Certifications

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