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Cloudz Stars

Cairo, Egypt,

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A software consulting company specialising in Salesforce solutions is called Cloudz Stars. Through implementations, process optimisation, digital transformation plans, and managed services support, we assist our clients in more efficiently achieving their business objectives. We give technology to our clients that is in line with their company goals and long-term objectives, providing technological adaptation that boosts performance and value. Our staff has both business and technological expertise, making us qualified to effectively manage any Salesforce project. To create relationships with our clients, we make use of this distinctive blend of abilities. We want to get to know you and how your business runs, but more than anything, we want to learn about your operational challenges and pain spots so that we can jointly identify your specific business needs for Salesforce. CRM Strategy Planning, Salesforce Implementation, Salesforce Integration, and Salesforce Customised Applications Development are among Salesforce services that are provided. – Managed Services by Salesforce Specialities of the Salesforce Cloud Cloud-based services for sales, services, and health

Cairo, Egypt,

0 Certifications

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