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Utrecht, Nederland,

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Say your cloud-based CRM tools, then say Salesforce. The world-renowned software provider's solutions converge seamlessly and provide you with a single point of truth from which you can easily distil reports. Silo's are from this past time. Very helpful if you want to use customer data efficiently and quickly for your marketing team, sales department, or customer contact centre. Have we had any discussions on automating manual processes yet? Nee? That is also unnecessary because we, as a Salesforce partner, will take care of that for you in a timely manner. We are ready to help you with new implementations, development work, or reorganising an existing Salesforce Suite. In the Salesforce collaboration that ilionx manages, we provide Pardot, Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud among other things. The many Salesforce clouds work together to optimise business processes because of better pipeline management. Your data enters on a single central platform. Due to Salesforce's low-code foundation, we are able to fully customise and set up the solutions to meet your needs.

Utrecht, Nederland,

0 Certifications

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